SAAB weekend. Castriota pictures SAAB 9-3 successor.

It's strange! The chances that this proposal will ever see the world as Saab are zero. Nevertheless, photos of the Castriota design go around the world. Which somehow speaks for the interest in the Saab brand and for its future.

SAAB 9-3 successor design by Castriota
SAAB 9-3 successor design by Castriota

“Sharpened” the draft looks better than the first, blurred images. Saab's future? Unlikely ! Because once it is published, the design proposal is “burned” and in the best case scenario at most a recommendation for the designer. Which should also have been the purpose of the release.

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Did the plan work? After all, a delegation from National Electric Vehicle Sweden met with the American designer during the Geneva Motor Show. The outcome of the conversation is unknown, and it will be some time before Castriota becomes the new Saab home designer.

A complete photo gallery of the Castriota design with many details has the Swedish edition of the Car engine sports released. Everyone has to decide whether they like it or not. I personally liked Simon Padian's Saab design language better. He now works at Hareide Design in Gothenburg, just 60 kilometers from Trollhättan. Anyway ... everything is open and it remains exciting.


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  • Could I make friends with ...

  • It is definitely not a pab and stands out from the crowd. Like many, the 900 S, especially the rear skuril and we Saabfans find the car great. Why not some daring style elements. Sure, the design is always a matter of taste, otherwise yes all drive the same car, but it would have been an eye-catcher.
    I wonder what's left of it.

  • The tailgate is wonderfully impractical. From the front so nice but the sideline I get synonymous with all the other garbage that is offered. It does not have much to do with flying.

  • So even if the pictures are better now, I stick to it, that's a mish-mash of possibly different (Saab) style elements that do not make a harmonious whole.
    From diagonally in front he reminds me totally of the Subaru Legacy, that Heck is as often quoted as copied from Porsche.

    So I do not like it, I find myself more in the Padian design again.

    Greeting Ded

  • Ful Padda !!!

  • So I find bomb !!

  • Good morning,
    I see the new Ford Mondeo! If I did not buy, drive Saab!
    Greetings from Koblenz.

  • I like the design of Castriota very well, because it has some typical SAAB elements, such as the hatchback with the spoiler, the light band or the hood pulled over the fenders. For me, these are elements that gave the vehicles of SAAB the special something and still make it look modern.

  • As always, it's up to the eye of the beholder - some viewers find a current S-Class Mercedes simply brilliant in terms of design. Others find the design unsuccessful.
    The Castriota design is likely to have a similar effect on the respective observer - either looks it great or maybe too old-fashioned with hardly timeless elegance.

    Since the people from NEVS have made contact with the Castriota team, one should assume that the lines shown are not completely “wrong” in their eyes. With a few small changes, the design may come into consideration - as always with SAAB: The G-Word is once again directing!

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