SAAB News. The Swedes and the taxpayers.

A report about Saab Parts AB in Sweden went on air yesterday evening. The Swedish state, it is feared, could suffer billions in losses through the takeover of the Saab spare parts subsidiary from Nyköping, reports the television report. The background to the assumptions is as follows:

SAAB TV broadcast on SVT
SAAB TV broadcast on SVT

In the past two years, the sales of the former Saab Automobile subsidiary with original spare parts in Sweden have fallen by 50%. Which of course affects the profits. The company from Nyköping still earned 500 million crowns three years ago, the profit in 2012 dropped to 120 million kroner after taxes, which corresponds to 14.22 million euros. Since with increasing age of the vehicles ever fewer original parts are blocked, the conversion in 3 can completely collapse until 4 years, says Svenska Bil.

Sinking profits in Nyköping are becoming more expensive for Saab Parts CEO Lennart Stahl. Complex IT systems, formerly maintained by the Group, now have to be financed by the company alone. So far, the contribution that ran yesterday in Sweden television.

Is taxpayers really in dire straits, and what about spare parts? Unfortunately, as always, Saab's contribution is too brief and tend to be Saab-negative. A standstill is assumed, which excludes any further positive development and the possibility of a renewed vehicle production.

The logistics specialist from Nyköping has several options. He can open up other business fields with other brands and is an interesting partner for all new manufacturers who are pushing to Europe. He can, and he does, expand his trading business beyond Saab and prepare himself for the future. This is a possible scenario.

But there is another, more logical option. A few weeks ago, the owner made a write-down of 600 million kroner on the value of the profitable company. This reduces the book value by 71 million euros, which represents a quarter of the enterprise value. In it you can see a preparation for sale. Because the takeover by Saab owner NEVS failed in the summer 2012 at the too high state demands of 2.2 billion crowns. This hurdle is now lower. National Electric Vehicle Sweden needs a logistics specialist and a functioning after-sales department with dealer network for its future plans. The spare parts specialist from Nyköping could supply the Saab 2.0 customers with parts.

Who says, as written today on SU that you should simply lower the prices for spare parts, then everything would be fine, which is also wrong. The helpdesk for our vehicles in Trollhättan is maintained by the revenue generated, and all Saab 9-5 II and 9-3 Griffin would be off the streets quickly if one switched off the servers paid by Saab Parts in Sweden. A lot of unique Saab knowledge has been conserved by the Saab Parts, t and not only the Saab riders, but also the new owners of the plant benefit, as we know, from it. Expertise is not available for free!

The contact between Nyköping and Trollhättan is very close and the cooperation works well. We will see the further development in the coming months. As always, patience is needed. Nevertheless, SVT's television report is well worth seeing, as it gives us a look behind the scenes of the distribution center in Nyköping.



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    With us there are only original spare parts from the friendly SAAB dealer and it stays that way!

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    The babbling of some Swedish TV stations and press organs in matters of SAAB is to be criticized with vigor, especially due to the one-sided negative views (as currently with regard to SAAB parts) - it lacks, as is usually the case, the lighting of the positive aspects that may also arise.

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