SAAB News. SAAB 9-5 II SC reload.

The Saab 9-5 II sportswear is rare. Depending on the source, there are 27 or 30 vehicles on our planet. It can hardly be more exclusive, so it is not surprising that these vehicles have become speculative objects. Particularly rare, however, are the right-hand drive. A total of three (!) Pieces were built, and a gray, right-hand drive Saab 9-5 sports car is currently in Kiel at Saab Partner car dealer Lafrentz.

Red Saab visiting Czech Republic together with right-hand drive and Saab 9-5 sports combination of the Lafrentz family
Red Saab visiting Czech Republic together with right-hand drive (far right) and Saab 9-5 sports suit of the Lafrentz family

Together with a red 9-5 II sports trolley, which is usually at home in the Czech Republic, both get fit for the road. Kiel has become a hub for the sports combination. But not only ! Because a lot of Saab activity is going on in Kiel and I will write more about it soon.

Meanwhile, the Saab Auction for 78 collectible vehicles is running in Sweden. If you take the time to read the description correctly, you realize that the term is correct. There are vehicles without VIN, there are Saabs for the Chinese market. And there are vehicles that are not complete.

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There are many Saabs of model year 2012 with distance radar and lane departure warning that come to the call, and there are two Saab that are equipped with the “Rear Drive Module” that never went into series production. Greetings from American Axle. The condition of the vehicles in the auction is not always good. Engines that lose some oil, windshields with impacts, scratches and signs of battle everywhere on the vehicle. Clearly, we are dealing with vehicles from the tough everyday life of vehicle testing.

Whoever offers, should know what he is doing. Of course, it's great to own one of the few sports suits or a Saab 9-4x. But it's an event for collectors, even if you get one or the other vehicle through the approval. A friend of mine is determined to bid on the auction and complete his Saab collection. Hmm ... he's old enough and knows what he's doing. Everyone else, with serious interest, should contact our specialists in Kiel!


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  • Yes, and one is already running in Switzerland!

  • Does anyone have any idea that you can even get an authorization for Switzerland?

  • This car is too beautiful to be true ... because of it it could have hit so many other new cars that have brought nothing with themselves, but just this highlight

  • In red he looks very elegant. Yesterday happened to have a chance to see this SC there.

  • The offer the Combi apparently only to interest. Maybe because they are planning to buy and sell one more. Car is definitely not there anymore!

  • There is still no release from Sweden but the author has promised us a story on the blog!

  • Simply great cars!

  • Hi Tom,

    and where is the SAAB story from Sweden with the Kiel 9-5II ???

  • I have a huge envy factor at the sight… 😉

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