Update. Dealer list Saab Spring Weeks online.

It is something like an inventory of the current Saab situation in Germany. The German Saab Parts subsidiary in Eschborn has put an up-to-date directory of all dealers participating in the spring campaign online. A good idea, because in previous campaigns there was sometimes some frustration due to the lack of transparency.

SAAB Spring Weeks 2013
SAAB Spring Weeks 2013

But when you look through the list, there are still one or two surprises. Logically, the “lighthouses” among the Saab dealers are there. Starting up in Kiel, via Bonn, Berlin, Bamberg, Leinfelden, Osnabrück, Paderborn and Vienenburg. But some names are missing, while others appear that surprise me.

Example Hamburg. In the Hanseatic city, four companies take part, and with one or the other name I would not have expected. But a traditional Saab partner from the surrounding area of ​​Hamburg is missing, which is unfortunate. Or Frankfurt. The former Saab center Frankfurt is not there, the Frankfurt area is a big vacuum. Frankfurt organizes its own action, which is incomprehensible. The nearest participating partner is the Saab Zentrum Mainz.

I would welcome a dealer list also for future actions. Each dealer has the opportunity to participate, and a directory saves us as a customer some disappointment, if the company does not want to know anything about the special offer. Saab partners, who understand Saab as a business model and live it, are supported by it. Which is just. Because these companies show their colors and invest time and money. They deserve our support.

The dealer list of the spring action 2013 can be downloaded here.

Text: tom@saabblog.net

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  • There are Saab dealers who are very committed to the brand and your customers and still one
    Offer premium service. Saab dealers are often like your customers, eg individual and make your own
    Actions!! Here in the blog you get the impression that only those who take part in a spring campaign are good ...
    I would find it great and more objective to publish a complete list of dealers. It could also be supplemented
    Participation or own action.

    Christoph heart

    SAAB Center Trier (since 1982)

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      This is all very well. But how should I, as a potential customer, learn about it if it is not published anywhere? The blog has probably not communicated and I'm not (yet) in the customer file.

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    Well, I did it. SAABINE picked up by the friendly after inspection. For almost 300 € spring action thanks to a complete inspection, oil change and all filters new. You cant complain. SAABINE is now ready for the Easter holiday and the SAAB pad was also available. Who still complains that is really not to help.

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    I think that it is perfectly normal for Saab partners to calculate their own prices by size and region. The fact that the dealers and the Saab Parts provide such comprehensive packages with inspection services should satisfy us and we should welcome these actions.
    Maybe before finally everything is talked about, we should consider how it was before 15 months around Saab and also think about what actions were taken in the years before. There were summer and winter tire promotions but no innovative product ideas around the car as now. As a treat, there are still saabige giveaways to it. I can not understand some of the comments here and I wonder, what more do we want?

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      Thanks Tom, that's the way it is. Every service partner who is involved deserves our support and our orders. The action is good, the idea is right!

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    Hi, moin Saab fans,

    you make so many price comparisons! Why does not one of you write that he is happy to have a Saab partner at all or what kind of consideration he receives for the respective prize?
    Paper is known to be patient and a lot is written and even more advertised, but not always everything is adhered to. I prefer to pay a few euros more if I don't have to worry about the service afterwards! What good is it for me (besides trouble) if a 'quirk' has been eliminated after a service / inspection or repair, but a new quirk (which was not present before) then appears.

    Personally, I would like our service partners to provide careful service and not a fixed price. If the service is GOOD, I am ready to pay its VALUE. After all, I always have a journey of a good 50 km (at least twice a year only to change tires and that with each of our Saab's) and invest a lot of free time, voluntarily. Otherwise I should change brands.
    I know someone who just "shied off" his beautiful 9-5 because he feared he would not get spare parts anymore. Did not seem to be properly informed.

    Many of us have no reason to complain about the cost of our cars. In contrast to the 'German mass-produced goods', our reliable Swedish rarities are not exactly cheap, but definitely inexpensive.
    Which refrigerator is cheaper and which cheaper? Who breaks for 299, - and after a year or who holds for eg 349, - and at least two years?
    Have you ever shown how and where the tires are stored and how to handle them? What did you win, if you maybe only pay 60, - for storing the tires but get them back with scratched rims?

    Rejoice that you are so courted! Can you choose the one you think better partner. Others would be glad if they only had one partner!

    Also, the 'nice people' mentioned by you are still nice and friendly, but (from my own experience) unfortunately not so carefully! Also some of these nice people are not there anymore.

    @ Tom
    Of course it is your blog and also your writing style. But maybe you could make some thoughts about The right use of each of the terms seemingly or apparently?
    Thank you for mentioning the Swissvax products in one of your previous posts. I did not know her yet. I stocked up with a good entry-level assortment and am very excited about the result! By the way: the telephone service was also recommended!

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      > Which refrigerator is cheaper and which is cheaper? The one for 299, - and broken after a year
      > goes or does the one keep for eg 349, - and at least two years?

      I can not tell you that. Can also be the cheaper one! But that's not my point! For me it's not about the price, but about the fact that it seems to be an uncoordinated action again (!) For me! And I'm not the only one standing there ... In the current case, it is as if the letter came from the German branch of Saab Parts AB. In the end, however, they are offers from the respective retailer. In the letter, the impression is given that it is “special offer prices”, even if it is nowhere to be found. One can deduce from “fixed price” if necessary, but only the production of a prospectus can produce that. But it is not! These are normal, individual prices of the respective dealer. I don't know what's going wrong, but in my opinion you should get someone on board with some marketing know-how. This is how you feel as a “thinking” person a bit…. 😉

      > Have you ever been shown how and where the tires are stored and how they are handled?
      > What do you gain if you only pay 60, - for storing the tires but they are scratched
      > Get rims back?

      Do not understand your question ... Because: 1. There are SAAB dealers, where it costs 30 EUR. Does that mean that the wheels are badly stored and scratched? Conversely: I pay (t) e at an ex-Saab dealer (large GM everything dealer) 80 euros including exchange. They still scratched my rims. And now? Mhhh….

      Conclusion: I was NOT concerned with the price level, but with the implementation of the campaign ... The same flyers distributed across Germany with some extremely different. Prices and even within one place. Personally, I find that unprofessional ... As I said, there are ways and means to do it differently and other brands, no matter how big or branch, can do it too!

      I think it is very important that "actions" or similar. be made. Not that a wrong impression arises ... 😉

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    A price comparison is worthwhile. It is reassuring that there seems to be no price agreement ::

    I got the offer of the spring weeks from two workshops in the same city. The prices of A and B differ from top to bottom for the 6 rated services as follows (I assume including VAT, but nothing is included):


    97% 100%
    134% 100%
    133% 100%
    114% 100%
    124% 100%
    146% 100%

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    Well the “fixed price” is to be understood on the performance. Sorry, the Saab dealers are entrepreneurs and everyone has their own calculation. A chain of Saab dealers would be expected with only one owner who does not fully understand the sale of cars and automotive services.

    In the past, no sales organization, no matter which brand, always had only one price.

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      I know that retailers have different prices. But the flyer conveys something of “action”, “special offers” or the like. That is not necessarily the case. In my opinion, they are normal offers / prices from the respective retailer ... Perhaps one of them might make it a little cheaper than usual, but in my case, not really.

      And with regard to the fact that the dealers are their own organizations with their own calculations: Correct. BUT: If the “upper company” sends out a flyer with offers, it can “dictate” these prices to a certain extent. To what extent there may be subsidies etc. is another matter. Compare that with an electronic discounter. A brochure comes out and although each branch is responsible for itself, the refrigerator costs 299 euros everywhere - whether in Kiel, Berlin, Bonn or Munich!

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    Too bad, really a pity that such an actually positive to evaluate action develops such a bitter aftertaste:
    As Tom already wrote, it is more than surprising that some big dealers / service partners, who are actually always known to live for SAAB, do not get involved!
    And the fact that some “Oppel” workshops that also make SAAB participate doesn't really make the story any better!
    Only the fact that small service partners are sometimes there is a step in the right direction ...

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    This is by no means intended to be a justification for such a pricing (where ultimately each dealer then makes his own calculation for so-called "fixed prices") - nevertheless I have heard from BMW drivers that even there the dealers for the same services (material and wages) call up very different prices.
    The big exception is SAAB not!

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    I don't know what to think of the action ... The “document” says something about “fixed prices”. But every dealer makes their own prices and the differences are enormous! So I already feel really bad… ..?!

    Examples? Wheel change and storage sometimes for under 60, for me over 100, -. Both in big cities, whereby the prices would have to be reversed based on local earnings. There are people who have received these letters from two dealers. Oil change -> 2 EUR difference, exclusive service with 50 difference.

    Sorry, but for me it makes you look ridiculous! That would be as if a chain of stores prints brochures with different prices for each branch and then wants to talk about the “low price guarantee” and the same ... Completely untrustworthy; (

    I can see that people are committed to doing what. But sometimes it would be good to think instead of being active. If you send out these flyers, that's all well and good. But if these "fixed prices" are the normal prices set by the respective dealer, then you should avoid this window dressing.

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    This was actually meant as an answer to Heiko, who wanted to know if the mobile forum Dresden takes part in the action!

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    Just called there. The mobile forum has not registered for this promotion, you have put together your own spring check for a fixed price. The flat-rate liquid additions from the Saab Parts promotion are not included, for example, but are offered as needed. After the conversation, the check is also very thorough, as it should plan for about 1h. I think I will make an appointment after Easter.

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    On the spring weeks also Austrian workshops / dealers are involved. Is there also a list for Austria please?

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    Mobile Forum Dresden not included? What is going on here?

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    The list is a bit of a disappointment. There is no Saab partner in the immediate vicinity of Hildesheim & Hanover.
    Where I buy the spare parts so far in Hanover, I will probably not open any more, because people can not even take part in the action - great customer loyalty :-(
    There remains only the way to a former Saab partner in the Hildesheim Nordstadt, but the action can not offer.
    How do you say it - who doesn't want to ...
    The way to the Harz is unfortunately too far for an inspection,
    although there is a very competent team working there.

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      the way is well worth it, but it is not so far from HI to Vienenburg and you're right there are very nice people at the screws.

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      Hello. Unfortunately, you can expand that with the area around Hanover **! ;-(

      I come very roughly from the other side of Hanover.
      Nothing official here either. 🙁
      The next would be just then Bremen.

      I know that there was (once) in Walsrode a Saab workshop in Walsrode (or is there still?).
      This is also not listed, on the Saab side but still.
      I always wonder whether the “real” Saab partner still exists when I drive past Walsrode every few months.

      ** We once had one of our Saabs from the Saab dealer in Hanover at the “Old Airport” from the “Vahrenwalder”. Unfortunately, it didn't exist any longer some time later. 🙁

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    Unfortunately, no prices, although fixed prices have been specified and in the vicinity of Hannover, there is nothing!

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    The list is good and vice versa an incentive for SAAB dealers to participate in these actions in the future!

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    Thanks Tom for forwarding the list! Thus, I am spared a little frustration! Or. my fears have been confirmed:

    The northwest is - next to Frankfurt - a vacuum! The local dealer in Oldenburg and the “former” Wiefelstede both do not participate! Both still have their SAAB logo on the street ... but driving to Bremen or Osnabrück for this offer is a little too far at 60 or 100 km!

    So, for better or worse, the only way to get to the “FreieWerkstatt”!

    If by chance someone is in Oldenburg and wants to make a detour to the local Saab representative, expectations should not be high ...

    Greetings from the sunny SAAB vacuum Oldenburg


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    Strangely enough, the Saab Center Dortmund is not on the list. Dortmund takes part in all Saab actions. All customers have also been written to via Saab for this campaign and the offer is also actively used. This list should be updated ...

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      Trust is good, control is better ... Dortmund will of course take part in the campaign, the list will be updated immediately!

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