SAAB community. Saab 900 theft in Leipzig.

A call for help reaches us from Leipzig ... maybe someone from our circle of readers can help! Last year, three classic Saab 900, including a convertible and a full-turbo, were stolen in the Saxon metropolis. Today, another Saab 900 Turbo 16 S was stolen in the south of Leipzig.

Saab 900 Talladega
Saab 900 in Talladega red

It is an 92er model, Talladegarot with Airflow kit and light gray leather interior. The two front Airflow elements are missing. Striking are the English windscreen wipers with left rest position. The Saab has brand new Hella headlamps, a Bilstein B6 landing gear, rear wiper, Abbott Motorsport stickers, newly refurbished tunnels and a Carlsson double tube.

The license plate is L-TU 900. Apparently, classic Saab are being stolen in Leipzig, and so we ask our readers to help Hagen, the owner of the Saab 900, get his Swede back. The Saab scene is small, a Talladega Red 900 is conspicuous. Airflow kits are rare, especially when selling the front part of the planking is missing. Eventually, the vehicle or parts appear on the Internet at the known platforms. The exact vehicle data are stored at

Our blog is not only read in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We have Saab fans in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia, who are always our guests. We ask everyone to help prevent the theft of classic vehicles. The blog team gladly accepts hints.


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  • Hello people,
    until today no trace of my Saab. Unfortunately it will stay that way. To howl!
    Thank you for your attention and compassion.

  • Sorry the topic of theft!

    We have been stolen in the past, several items, including during the 90ern a caravan from the campsite which was impounded immediately after at the customs border, later a vehicle for sale, which was found after a few months disassembled in the eastern foreign countries (bodybuilders took it ) and a few years ago from our closed area were several times material stolen from vehicles, including Whaletails "demolished" (yes demolished with the corresponding traces of damage, be it on the vehicle and the Whaletail itself, which were finally confiscated at customs, but unfortunately broken!) , Vent-Cover and several Aero16 "rims disassembled (with the vehicles lying to the ground), as well as on a CS the complete front and bonnet ... 🙁 ... !!!

    In some cases, the customs authorities reported shortly afterwards that what material had been confiscated at the border during the transfer to “Eastern Europe”, including one of my damaged (missing corners!) And scratched (customer adhesive available!) Whaletail found (but unfortunately broken in 2 parts due to huge tear off! The thieves had nothing directly to do with Saab, they simply took what was rare and was used again for vehicle repairs and the whole presumably on behalf of someone ... so the statements of the police records!

    As sorry as I myself have good Saab friends from Eastern Europe, but since the opening of the borders, there is unfortunately an uncontrolled immigration and emigrate partly well organized theft gangs, the intended goods stolen for whatever purpose

    Other cases that are also happily handled and more difficult to detect are the theft of certain vehicle types / colors instead of rebuilding accident vehicles of the same type ... 🙁 ... yes thanks to active observations, including from active readers and old-age & Youngtimer lovers, we have encountered a case in our circle of customers whose mysterious CV has been noticed, which was transferred partially dismantled and used by poor foreign foreign non-German speaking bodywork workers, in a free unofficial workshop, both at night and on Sundays, for the reconstruction Replacing the body number was welded together again !!! This case was finally discovered with much effort and assertiveness by private individuals to provide the necessary evidence to the police, within a few days! If a week had passed, this case would probably not have come so easily to light and the vehicle to who knows what high prices sold!

    As you can see, unfortunately everything is possible and impossible to find, because if there is a merit behind it, it does not deter certain organizations from doing dirty business!
    Accordingly, the request to all active readers: Eyes open and forward suspicious observations!
    Greet Giampi

  • Sympathy.
    My Saab 900 16V was stolen last year at the 28.04.12 in the southern suburb of Leipzig and rediscovered by the police in Stötteritz in June. Hardly anything broken. Maybe you have luck. I keep my eyes open.

  • Thanks, people! I have not heard anything yet, unfortunately. And frankly, I do not have much hope either. If I buy another 900er, then I will install such a GPS tracker and an alarm system. I'm going on holiday now. Is necessary ...
    Happy holiday to you all!

  • When I see him, I stop him, take off his skin and hang her in the rear window for deterrence.
    The 900 is then transferred to Leipzig.

  • @@ Mike3k

    Yes're right. But actually, the whole thing was just a nice side effect.

    My 6 CD changer broke last year and I found no substitute (or completely overpriced and overseas).
    But then I found in the network a good and comfortable iPod solution using Kenwood adapter.

    Since I never had an iPod, but still had an “unused” iPhone lying around, I just connected it. And as a result, I just received this monitoring function as a free addition! 🙂

  • Why so "complicated"? There are extra so small devices that can do a lot more and are not necessarily dependent on an Internet connection or even a provider.

    By old or cheap Android phone could be something "build", for example, with the Avast app, which has the "old" excellent TheftAware in it. Are other tools synonymous - makes sense, that via SMS controllable, Inet only as a better fallback. At the latest abroad is often with vinegar vinegar or you will be poor!

    Advantage of the pure GPS devices: The GPS modules are often better, that is sensitive. Under ner amount of sheet just better ...

  • Au cheek.
    Hagen, I hope you get your sweetheart again !!!!
    I keep my fingers crossed !!!!

    Incidentally, my buddy smiled at me with the statement "Who wants to steal such a quirky old pensioner car?" When I told him that my 9-5 SC thanks to integrated "hidden" iPhone (instead of the usual CD changer and with a MultiSIM) always has an automatic GPS location tracking over Apple's iCloud service!
    And as long as pot. Thieves do not find the part (is not visible) or all techn. Pull things out, it would work well and always locate the car "live".
    I also hope a little that you wouldn't suspect such a solution in a car that is over 10 years old. 😉

    Since thieves stole his “stuffy gray sedan A6” (even with only fabric seats) from my friend's front door at night last year, he hasn't said anything negative about my solution. 😉

  • That is really amazing! Since you have to be afraid of his 900er as a supercar.
    I'm thinking about a steering wheel claw !?
    @Hagen: I wish you luck, that the car reappears.

  • well ... are already more than one ... believe me!


    ps if so many targeted disappear ... you could not list the VIN numbers.
    Maybe even those who are stolen ... easy to find on the internet in a list of contacts.

  • Oh that's bitter. Have my sympathy. I think I would go crazy. Hopefully they get caught and the SAAB reappears undamaged. Keep your fingers crossed.

    PS: I'm on the highway a lot. If I see something I'll let you know.

  • Why would you steal Saabs? Do not understand ... By the way, you also have friends in Bulgaria, at least one

  • Thank you Tom, for your support!
    I thank all readers of the blog for their attention.
    Happy Easter!

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