SAAB in the film. Saab 9-5 II in “Boxed”.

Once again a Saab has made it into a film production! In autumn 2013 the new film “Boxed” will be released. As a foretaste of the production of Sea Scape Films, an “Independent Company”, there is already a short trailer. However, from Saab's point of view, only the first 6 seconds (!) Are really interesting.

SAAB in the film. Saab 9-5 II in "Boxed"
SAAB in the film. Saab 9-5 II in “Boxed”

A silver Saab 9-5 II in the police operation drives, investigators get off. That was until the fall, first of all, what is seen by the Saab in the film.

Boxed Trailer 1 (2013) from SeaScape Films on Vimeo.

Our cult brand manages to get into the media again and again, even without product placement. That's Saab! We are putting the film on the watchlist, solely for Saab reasons, and we will report what is to come.


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    Impressive that a 9-5 II was used (given the low number of registrations)! Then the film will soon have cult status! SAAB always likes to interfere…. and is never at a loss for a good appearance!

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