SAAB News. The Chinese.

More and more, Saab's past and future overlap. The signs of the Saab comeback are becoming more and more tangible, while at the same time we are constantly coming up against what could have been. Kiel has been visited by a rare Saab 9-5 II in recent days. A beautiful, fully equipped sedan whose exclusivity should not be topped.

Saab 9-5 for China
Saab 9-5 for China

Because it is one of the few models built for the Chinese market, and the Saab is probably the only one of its kind in this configuration. A collector's item for fans of the brand. In Kiel, at Car dealership Lafrentz, The 9-5 will be made fit for European road traffic.

Meeting point Kiel - Saab Festival

Saab fans - with which we swing from the past towards the future - will be able to admire this Saab at the end of May at the latest. Because the owners will start with us from “Treffpunkt Kiel” to Trollhättan for the Saab Festival. As announced, there will be a small Saab event in Kiel on the afternoon of May 30th. The supporting program is in place and a sponsor has already been found for it. For all Swedish drivers from the German Saab community there will be a very cool, personal gift, which will make our tour a special experience.

The details will be published next week and registration of participants is necessary for organizational purposes.

Saab future - the curtain is lifted. But very little ...

Should we have written a thick headline for this message? Another blog would have done that for sure, we'll leave it! Little is happening in the media, but weekly reports open up that give an outlook on the Saab future. The official bodies are silent, and the firewall (actually) holds up quite well. But not quite as good as they think in Sweden.

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Since much has been spoiled by indiscretion in the past, we naturally hold back on current progress. However, there is a certain amount of free space that should be used to communicate positive things. So far, we only knew that in Trollhättan engines run on the test stands. Meanwhile, the new turbo engines (!) For the comeback in the wild on the road in a certain European region. That sounds good and suggests that Saab 2.0 is on schedule and could run the tapes this year.

Further, the curtain is not ventilated, we leave that to the official authorities. Until then we have (how many times have I already written this sentence) patience.


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    I am looking forward, many of you at 30.05. get to know you personally. It will definitely be an interesting trip with lots of conversation and a great show in the car deck of the ferry.

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    If TOM writes of a special surprise, then only something of Uncle Norbert can be meant.
    PS I still have a bet on this with my customers.
    Look, ma'am, if that is not still to win.

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    A few days ago there was also a positive mood on the SAAB Reisen blog - it was informed that NEVS has signed a contract with Lean Nova Engineering.

    As is known, Lean Nova commissions both the development of individual components and more complex solutions in vehicle construction. There, former SAAB engineers are working through 100.

    The (albeit few) news of the last few weeks show uniform in one
    Promising direction - in the near future, more, more precise information (such as now from Tom regarding new turbo engines) may follow!

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    Hmmm ... any information about what kind of engines are there? German? French? Japanese? Swedish?

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      There are currently no comments, neither from Saab 2.0, nor from the blog. But if our information is correct then it will be a surprise in a positive sense.

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    Positive news is nice, but I only believe it when the new SAAB s are at the dealer….
    Patience was already the bad word 2 years ago ……….

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    Thanks for the positive news, and THANK YOU for the publication this Tuesday! Otherwise ... .. the G-word would have been overused! A little positive info is also an info! I'm looking forward to late summer! Good week!

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    Very good, the information about Saab 2.0 is enough for me to keep me happy and happy. Nothing more is necessary. This blog makes the difference ...

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    Since you, dear Tom, published the news about NEVS / Saab 2.0 today (and not yesterday), I am filled with a certain optimism ... thank you very much!

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    Excellent! I'm looking forward to Kiel in May!

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