SAAB day. The Saab image of the day.

Saab partners are also on vacation! A Saab holiday greeting comes to the community from the far north. The Saab 9-4x Aero in the color "Crystal Red" is well known, and it is clear who is in Scandinavia.

Saab 9-4x on the way in Scandinavia
Saab 9-4x on the way in Scandinavia

If you don't know the Saab - there are only 2 of them in this color worldwide - you can here read. I have written it several times, but I'll write it again. The Saab 9-4x would have been my car wish if the story of Saab had gone a little differently. But the Turbo X, which came as an 9-4x replacement, is more than a nice consolation.

A Saab 9-4x in the wild is rare, and all fans in the north would have the chance to take a quick look at it, we would tell where exactly he is traveling. But that is private and should remain so. The blog team wishes a nice rest holiday in Scandinavian snow and a lot of 9-4x driving pleasure!


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      There is at least one more * drool * missing! 😉

      Yes, such a 9-4x would have been my absolute favorite (too)!

      Although I'm not a fan of this red (even if it's an almost unique color).
      But I would also drive it in color! 😉

      This thing is just an awesome car !!!!!

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    ... you don't have to understand everything ...

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