SAAB News. Investor NEVS with interest in Saab Parts AB.

It took longer than expected, but it seems to be getting started now. Saab 2.0 Investor National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB is in contact with the Swedish Ministry of Finance. It's about the purchase of Saab Parts AB in Nyköping. The spare parts division of Saab Automobile AB was not taken over by the investors and was previously independent.

Saab Parts AB Nyköping
Saab Parts AB Nyköping

A few weeks ago, the company value was written down by 25%, probably in anticipation of the possible sale. "If the price is right, we'll buy," said Mattias Bergman of NEVS to the local newspaper in Trollhättan. Now does what belong together and what is essential if you want to sell new cars grow together? "There is a clear synergy effect between us and the parts," said Bergman. Well so what. ! Good thing, let's go!


8 thoughts on "SAAB News. Investor NEVS with interest in Saab Parts AB."

  • I see it the same way. So far, everything has been regulated very seriously and I assume that allles will continue to run in the future. NEVS has much deeper pockets than Spyker!

  • Who doesn't dare doesn't win - I'd rather join the other comments so far.

    Reason: I have not been able to find any major “missteps” in relation to the other company management by Kai Johan Jiang - so there is full confidence in his entrepreneurial abilities. He also has a management team with great experience behind him!

  • Hopefully Saabparts can catch themselves again if NEVS should go down the drain …… ..

  • Of course we would like to have it all a little faster! But good things want to have, as they say!
    And rather a deliberate step after another, as an ill-considered hustle and bustle with many mistakes.
    So far everything seems well thought out and we hope for a good reboot!

  • It could all go a little bit faster anyway!

  • Logically, if you want to sell cars, you need spare parts distribution. The Chinese are becoming more and more likeable to me ...

  • Do not underestimate me the Chinese.

  • Well finally! Hibernation also comes to an end in Sweden.

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