SAAB News. A lengthy process.

Those who had hoped for higher revs in Sweden will be disappointed. The sale of Saab Parts AB to Investor NEVS will be a lengthy story. Although Michael Thorén of the Swedish Ministry of Finance admits that it is not in the interest of the state to remain the long-term owner of Saab Parts.

The new signs are waiting for higher speed.
The new signs are waiting for higher speed.

For sale, the government must submit a draft to the Reichstag in Stockholm, and he must give his consent. Also, the purchase price should be appropriate. It is a long process to sell a state-owned company, said Michael Thorén to the press.

Saab 2.0 owner NEVS has now overcome the media's winter starvation at least in the approach. In Beijing, a new, additional battery factory is being built, as the capacity of the previous production has been exhausted. Batteries for future, from 2014 produced Elektro Saabs, will come from this factory. At least that means that you are present in the regional press today, while you attracted attention throughout the country yesterday.

Otherwise, there was only news from Saabsunited. Saab 2.0 is now planning to build a hybrid vehicle. Which is not really surprising, because the platform purchased for the new Saab generation was designed for this from the start. Matthias Bergman's interview can be read at SU. It is really interesting to see how a new group with locations in Europe and Asia seems to be emerging. Renewable energy, a power plant is also planned in Trollhättan, batteries, automotive technology. That could be an exciting story, and Saab would be right in the middle of it. The auto division is making slow and leisurely progress, at least externally. Step by step, which wouldn't be a disadvantage if the automotive world around us didn't move faster. The really good news is still pending, but the chances are not bad. We wait.