On road. Visiting Saab Zentrum Bonn.

Blogger life can be difficult. A few days ago I started in the direction of Bonn to visit the local Saab center. In front of me were just 200 kilometers, for which I planned, with a short breakfast break, two and a half hours. That my schedule would not work, I noticed after a few kilometers. At Hanau, the first traffic jam I can drive around, then traffic jams number two and three come in short order.

Wilklommen in the Saab center Bonn!
Welcome to Saab Zentrum Bonn!

I torture myself and the Saab on side roads in the Taunus, even there it is only in step-pace ahead. The greater Frankfurt area is due to many accidents tight, nothing works. For the first 30 kilometers I need an hour, so my schedule is finally ripe for the trash. Some days are like that, but I hate to be late for an appointment. Especially if it is the first personal meeting. In Bonn one reacts with leniency to my announcement, to be late on the spot.

A felt eternity later, back on the highway, the road is freer, and the closer we get to the former capital, the more the Turbo X can fly. The break is canceled because I do not want to be there later. I look forward to the Saab Zentrum Bonn, which as Kunert Automobile AG is a small stock corporation. Unusual for a Saab partner, but I have learned in the many Saab years that the Saab merchant culture can be very individual.

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In Bonn waiting for me a very large, light-flooded dealership. The Kunert family bought and converted a former Dynamit-Nobel factory hall years ago. The architecture of the open-plan hall pleases, and in a sense, the Swedish circle closes here. The first impression is a positive. In the big sales hall are lined up on the left side some current Saab 9-3 models and a beautiful, open Saab 900. On the right side, the other Swedish brand is home. On the walls hang Saab photographs from various capitals of Europe. Very much Saab Spirit, at first sight!

Inga Spira, CEO of Kunert Automobile AG, welcomes me warmly, and I get (finally!) The first coffee of the day. At the subsequent round tour I get to know the other two board members Christoph Fassbender and Ralph Günter. In conversation I notice: Saab has a very high priority in Bonn.

Saab 9-3 models at Kunert Automobile AG in Bonn.
Saab 9-3 models at Kunert Automobile AG in Bonn.

An impression that later intensifies. In the large workshop, the workplaces are mainly occupied by vehicles from Trollhättan, modern Saab 9-3 are on this day to visit, and also a classic Saab 900 is there. In the workshop and service area a lot of Saab competence is gathered for many years and I am convinced that Bonner Saab customers are in very good hands here.

A specialty of Kunert Automobile AG is the online shop for Saab spare parts. The spare parts warehouse is extensive and well sorted, the parts sold are “Original Saab”. I have to admit I'm impressed! Times are difficult for Saab partners and although a positive future is emerging in Trollhättan, the “now and here” is still a challenge.

The Saab Center Bonn is an impressively modern, green dealership. Solar power is generated more than is needed for operation and the surplus is fed into the power grid. The in-house car wash is operated with rainwater, and the usual environmental processes for a car dealership are standard anyway.

Classic: Saab 96 owned by the Kunert family
Classic: Saab 96 owned by the Kunert family

The Saab agency in Bonn is an open, cordial company, which you can feel in a conversation with Inka Spira, who runs the dealership in the second generation, and the employees. In Bonn you would have the opportunity to represent other brands, because the location is attractive, the premises are modern and large. But you go the more difficult route and stay loyal to Saab and Saab customers. At the same time, the offer is rounded off at the bottom. Used and annual cars of the Mini brand have been adding to the product range for some time and are a good match for both makes from Sweden.

While talking to Inka Spira, I notice the Mini Display Cleaner of the Saab Spring Action on her smartphone. Kunert Automobile AG is involved in every action of Saab Parts AB. What motivates you to be strong every day for the cult brand from Trollhättan? The answer comes in the interview I had with Inka Spira.

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  • I can only agree with the positive comments. I had a small problem while passing through my 9-3 2,8T SC, which was very accommodating and friendly and also very cheap in half an hour fixed. So it was a very nice though not planned pit stop. Autohaus Kunert is clearly the first address for Saab in and around Bonn

  • Have ordered there a few times already, a really well sorted shop and very friendly staff.

    Regards Ralf

  • I was with my Saab for many years with Kunert in Bonn and I can only confirm Tom. Here Saab is lived and as a customer makes you feel good (even as a woman, because that is unfortunately still not standard everywhere)

    Greetings Cetak

  • I can only associate myself with! The shop is, as far as advice and quality of the parts, highly recommended.

  • Hello.

    As “Northern Lights” I visited their webshop some time ago because they were advertised here on the blog and wanted to order a “little something”.

    Since I had another question, I called there.
    The staff were very friendly and helpful !!

    Since then I have ordered more “little things” there a few times and they (especially Mr. Waldorf) have always been very helpful, flexible and willing to provide information!

    Nice to find out more about the “shop” here. 🙂

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