Youngtimer Blog. The grate and the project Silver Aero.

Let's talk about cars again! Somehow something is missing from Saab and (not only) My family thinks I should better write about a brand that builds cars. But I defend myself (still) steadfast, because we still have our older Saabs. Today we published the second part of our “Silver Aero” project on our youngtimer blog.

Silver Aero with missing rear apron
Silver Aero with missing rear apron

This is about rust, which, as it looks, the Saab 9-3 Mk 1 quite hard added. The intense rust attack has shocked us, even if the problem could still be solved with reasonable effort. But what will it look like in a year or two with these vehicles, which are still perceived eternities away from the Youngtimer status? That makes you thoughtful. The second part of our project story is available here.



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    Hello mountain goat, I know fSH = friendly Saab dealer.

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    Moin moin, saab_owl! Please, who or what is behind the abbreviation “fSH”? Tap completely in the dark .... THANK YOU in advance for the solution! ... LG from the mountain goat

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    Whereby underfloor washes, especially those in car washes, are not exactly undisputed ... I have the rust prevention done regularly by the fSH.

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    One should not assume that now all older 9-3 I are gnawed by the rust.

    I have the assumption that the maintenance by the owner was not quite sufficient within the first few years, especially with affected wheel arches and other areas in the lower body area - regular car and underbody washes should not have taken place here.

    From my own experience with the car of my better half (9-3 I convertible, built in 2001), I can report that neither wheel arches nor other parts of the body show even a rust pimple. There are a few minimal rust marks under the vehicle - this is in 12-year-old vehicles that are driven all year round, but completely within limits.

    So please do not make a flat rate all 9-3 I lousy!

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      I see it the same way. I sold my 9-3 last year after 13 years ago (1 owner). Always maintained and there was not a crumb of rust.


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      We do not! It seems very strongly on the care commitment of the previous owner to arrive.

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