SAAB interview. Conversation with Inka Spira.

There is a red Saab 96 in front of her office. Not by chance, one might think. Because the plump Swede was driven by her mother Theresia Kunert and was also the first Saab that Inka Spira was allowed to move. She grew up with Saab, the dealership was founded by her parents and she is successfully running the traditional business in the second generation.

SAAB in Bonn: Inka Spira, Kunert Automobile AG
SAAB in Bonn: Inka Spira, Kunert Automobile AG

The Saab representation in Saab is one of the oldest Saab partners in Germany, and even in the difficult Saab years, the flags were never overtaken. In a generous way, the Saab representative from Saab supports our Saab-Charity project. An opportunity for a Saab conversation in Bonn, to which Inka Spira took time.

Tom: Your dealership is literally breathing Saab. Young Saab Used and classic in the showroom, pictures on the walls. The service area full of cars from Trollhättan. Nevertheless, the times are difficult. Where do you get the motivation to fight for the brand and your customers every day?

Inka Spira: I grew up with Saab and run the business in 2. Generation. We here in Bonn have already gone through some crises. As a result of the government's move to Berlin, we lost about 30 percent of our clients, journalists, diplomats, and associates. After that the financial crisis and now the Saab crisis. Not easy, but now we are crisis-proven. Our heart is attached to Saab. Almost all employees drive a Saab privately. I think you can say we live the brand. In addition, we have extremely loyal and nice customers, and it pays to fight and persevere every day.

Tom: In the workshop is a classic Saab 900 from the customer's hand, which is restored. Saab riders just hang on to their classics and can not really separate. What does the Saab Zentrum Bonn offer for the owners of older Saabs?

Inka Spira: We have been a Saab partner since 1977. Some employees have been involved from the start. An enormous experience, knowledge and competence is built up there. Older vehicles are particularly important to us because we want to preserve them and also give them something back. We offer repairs in line with the current market value and are looking for cheap alternatives such as the installation of used parts.

For vehicles that are older than 10 years, our Classic models, we offer 10 percent discount on the complete workshop bill for maintenance and repair work (except body, vehicle checks, fixed price offers, tires and vehicle care). The discount increases annually by 1 percent to max. 20 percent of vehicles from 20 years, which is not an age for Saab. Prerequisite is an annual maintenance with us.

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Tom: The Saab spare parts online store has been well received by the Saab community. In Germany, he is one of the very few sources of original parts, now he is bilingual and thus international. What is next on the development agenda?

Inka Spira: The online shop is the “baby” of our warehouse clerk Gert Waldorf. He developed it completely by himself, and in the meantime implemented more and more new ideas. The product range is continuously expanded. So it's worth checking out there regularly. From May we want to further develop and expand the focus on “used parts”.

Tom: In addition to Saab and Volvo now used vehicles of the Mini brand down the offer from. In Trollhättan, with the new owner, the signs are on a new start. A few weeks ago, the German Saab partners were asked if they want to be on board for the Saab comeback. Is Kunert Automobile AG ready for Saab 2.0?

Inka Spira: We are waiting with great anticipation and hope for Saab 2.0 - we are there!

Tom: Your favorite Saab, Mrs. Spira?

Inka Spira: My favorite Saab? Hard to say. I still have a beautiful, old Saab 900 1991 300.000 with almost XNUMX km, first engine and first gear on which I hang very much. My sons are very keen to take on this once when the driver's license is in the bag. The car is cult, is the reason. Obviously, the Saab gene has jumped into the next generation as well

Vielen Dank für das Gespräch!



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  • Driving a car other than a Saab would only be makeshift! I am now driving my eighth Saab (currently 9-3, my first was a 96). At Autohaus Kunert I am served competently, fairly and to my complete satisfaction. The employees are friendly, courteous and you feel in good hands as a customer. I wish Ms. Spira a happy one
    Hand in running the dealership and have a good time in the future - with SAAB.

  • Well what can you say ... two extremely chic models in one picture 🙂

    One would wish more SAAB dealers would show this commitment. Mine already said goodbye in 2009 and moved the employees to the neighboring Opel dealership. Meanwhile, in the Daewoos sales room, there are SAAB logos around - a shame.

  • Nice interview, but I think Inka would look much better if she ditched the skirt / dress with the GM cars. It isn't popular with SAAB fans. 🙂

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