SAAB weekend. Techno Classica food.

On Saturday, the 25 called. Techno-Classica, and we used the huge vintage car show to go on our first major tour with our Silver Aero project. Sometimes the journey is the destination, and the journey in Saab was fun. In Essen waited a colorful shows many, sometimes high-priced vintage cars.

Saabblog team on the way - this time in Essen
Saabblog team on the road - this time in Essen

The perceived amount of classic Porsche 911 is getting bigger every year at vintage car shows and prices are rising, going up and up. Porsche rocks the scene, and perhaps it is also the topic that money at any price seeking a form of investment, which would also explain the ever increasing price level. But we have arrived to meet old and new friends and to talk about petrol. And of course, to look for our Swedish favorite brand.

1. German Saab Club at the Techno Classica
1. German Saab Club at the Techno Classica

Saab, to say it right away, hardly took place. Well, there is the 1st German Saab Club, whose members have been undauntedly holding the brand flag high for years. The visit to the club stand in Hall 9.1 was also a must. This year, a Saab 99 Combi Coupe and a Sonett were presented on the exhibition area, which was designed entirely in the 70s. The WAZ also visited the club stand and wrote a report.

Swedish story: Triboron booth at the Techno Classica
Swedish story: Triboron booth at the Techno Classica

A surprising Saab presence we found one floor down. A beautiful Saab 96 from the collection of Josef Zabel decorated the booth of the Swedish company Triboron, The Swedes develop and distribute biologically fully degradable engine additives, and it's a story with Saab background. Shortly before the fair, the German brochures and the website were completed, the German distribution is the responsibility of absolute Saab fans. No wonder that brand fans stopped by at the booth during our visit. We'll talk more about Triboron later.

And otherwise? A Saab 900 is said to have been for sale on the outdoor area and the Saab 96 is somewhere in the classic car market. That should have been it. It was still interesting! Many of the brand stands were lovingly designed by the clubs, the Wartburg friends, for example, had set up a rally track. And the prices, even for everyday classics, continue to rise. At least if you follow the price ideas on the stands. A Citroen 2 CV Charleston is said to cost just under € 20.000 when new and a slightly fluffed Ford Granada just under € 10.000. I think we still have a lot to learn.



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