SAAB News. Update on the sale of Saab Parts AB.

Last week, I had talked with a friend about the possible sale of Saab Parts AB to National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB. We thought that nothing would happen before the summer break. Because the government must seek a decision of the Swedish Reich for the sale of the state-owned enterprise.

Saab Parts AB: Come together what belongs together?
Saab Parts AB: Come together, what belongs together?

In this case, we were wrong in our guesses - which is good. According to the TT news agency, the government will ask the Reichstag for permission today. Then everything could happen very quickly. With the takeover of Saab Parts AB, NEVS would have the much-needed distribution network in Europe and the USA. Urgent because the start of production could only be a few months away. Delaying the takeover of Saab Parts AB would jeopardize this schedule.

Spring has arrived in Sweden and everything seems to go a little faster now. A good start to the week for our cult brand from Sweden.


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  • For me, it would be important to know whether this makes the spare parts supply for our Saabs safer or less secure.

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      What should change? What is going on here is a logical development that can only be positive.

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        Defeatists like to be shot, but you still have to see a possible weak point. Let's assume that NEVS fails with its plans - now or in a few years. Then SAAB Parts AB will also be affected - and who knows whether the general political weather situation in Sweden will again favor a state takeover. That would probably not be a positive development, so you have to dampen the enthusiasm.

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    … I can only say about the timing: The Chinese have a completely different timing than we in Europe, I became very aware of that at an event on the weekend. Wherever you think in very short time intervals, there are plans that are much longer. The investors have time and money, where the fan wants to see the brand in a year, they ultimately don't care. If it's really serious, Saab still has a long and bright future ahead of them.

    Best regards!


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    The resurrection of SAAB will take some time. NEVS seems to be taking that time, probably because the money is available too. What is true is that the sales do not immediately enable a profitable production, but after a few years of continuous construction SAAB can become a successful car brand. There are positive stories from the industry, from VW to BMW to SKODA, but of course also negative ones like MG, Simca, etc.
    If NEVS and the like want to invest the money in SAAB - even with them a long-term return is ultimately in the foreground - I am happy as a SAAB driver.

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    The new SAAB owners, unlike Spyker, are not dream dancers.

    These people have certainly carried out a global analysis of the possibilities - the opinion of the first 20 people in a pedestrian zone really cannot be the benchmark.

    I have to agree with Zirkoski: Why so negative?

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    Sorry, I have to take your pink Saabbrille times. A sale of the parts AB to a company currently doing nothing except spend money without a product to sell where to lead?

    It would amount to the fact that the parts AB will flow into the insolvency estate of a failed Nevs.

    Do not be fooled by our strong Saab community. We are and remain fringe group.
    Do the test. Stand in a pedestrian zone / shopping center etc. and ask the first 20 people: “Saab is building cars again, would that be something for you?”. Guaranteed nothing positive would come of it.
    The reputation of the brand Saab has been ruined so far in recent years that a comeback is ruled out in my opinion.
    The car sales of almost all brands are on the ground, future technology electric car, see current situation at Fisker.
    I own several Saab automobiles, I could not imagine another brand. But the train has gone.

    Excuse me, that's my opinion, Nevs builds at most castles in the air. Nothing else.

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      Why so negative? I see more opportunities there than risks. If you are reasonable and do not lose your grip, it may work. Wait a minute for the product!

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    Hopefully it will work too ... Unfortunately, there is already strong optimism that 9-3s will be produced this year.
    I hope this is not only due to the beginning of spring!

    Sunny greetings from Oldenburg.

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    That's absolutely good news! Has also taken a long time

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