SAAB press. Saab 9-3 cabriolet in the Autobild.

Nordic Cool. I like it. The output of the car image of the 28. März tested 4-seat convertibles up to 12.000 € from previous ownership. Including Saab 9-3 and Volvo C70 and VW EOS. The Saab 9-3 was especially liked. Author Andreas May sees the Saab as nordic-cool and on the way to the classic.

SAAB 9-3 in the Autobild
SAAB 9-3 in the Autobild

Well-maintained convertibles from Trollhättan offer, according to May, the typical Saab feeling. Especially if you have a Saab Turbo petrol engine under the hood. The fun begins with 150 PS with the small turbo engine, because the strength is a laid-back Gait so appreciates the cool Sweden. And that, according to the author, although as well as staid Opel technology is under it. Well, yes, this Opel sentence had to be well. However, the Saab community (hopefully) has long been immune to these sentences in an otherwise very positive article.

The weaknesses of the open Sweden are, as the Autobild is right, breaking springs on the front axle in cars built in 2003 and 2004. Turbocharger damage can occur with tuned vehicles. Where to insert “wild tuned specimens”. Saab Haustuner Hirsch, who went to work with the blessing from Trollhättan, is unproblematic with his packages to increase performance.

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An open Saab is a good idea to start the spring. The prices start at around € 10.000. The selection is huge, by Saab standards. The usual Internet portals list over 200 copies. Saab's own used car platform, which is only open to partners of the brand, has 22 copies on offer. A recommendation, since convertibles with low mileage can also be found there. The auto picture gives the open Saab four out of five possible points. A fair rating.


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  • blank

    [..] breaking springs on the front axle of 2003 and 2004 [..]
    On A…. hangs the hammer ... That goes up to all BJ. Just now on my my08er, 50tkm ...

    It is now “state of the art”, also for other brands. Just hit “broken spring” in the search engine.

    I think it's a mess, because it's also relevant to security ... Why doesn't anyone do anything about it?

    • blank

      Yes that's true. I did not have an exchange of both springs in front of my 9.3 SC BJ 2007 until March.
      This had happened to my car before (Seat) and at that time the only answer from the workshop was, "... that is nothing unusual ..." Really strange that nothing is done because it is actually more than just safety-relevant !!!

      Nevertheless, a nice view of a very nice car in a larger German car magazine. That makes me happy.

      Sunny greetings from Lusatia.

  • blank

    Let's hope that SAAB looks so positive when cars are built again!

  • blank

    Since the last Saab crisis, the Audi picture has been very positive about our brand from Trollhättan.
    Probably because she is no longer a competitor to the beloved VAG Group!

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