SAAB Festival Sweden. Tour Kiel - Trollhättan (update).

Our Saab tour from Kiel to the Saab Festival in Trollhättan promises to be a colorful event. The registration has been running for a week. Many teams are already registered, and our Saab convoy, which is then at 31. May rolling through the Västragötland, will probably be a reflection of around 60 years Saab history.

Rallye Plate: Saab Tour Kiel - Trollhattan
Rallye-Plate: Saab Tour Kiel - Trollhattan

Because there are true rarities that will make our tour something very special. The oldest previously reported Saab is an 93 from the year 1957. The latest vehicles are the Saab 9-4x, some of the never-before-seen Saab 9-5 II sports and several 9-5 II sports sedans. A Saab 96, a Saab 99, various Saab 9-5 I and Saab 9-3 complete the field. When will you be able to experience so many Saab generations in action again?

Meanwhile, the design of the Rallye Plates stands for our tour. We follow the symbols of the Saab story. The plane and the troll stand for Saab tradition of the early years and for the wild times when Combi Coupe and Turbo made their debut. The large, dominant Saab logo stands for the present and the future, which is currently developing in Sweden.

Each registered team receives their individual plate with the names of the driver and co-driver to participate and as a memento. Suction cups to attach to the windshield - people keep asking for them - are of course included! The plates will be distributed to fans traveling with us to Sweden on May 30th from 15 p.m. at Saab-Service-Kiel. In the first week of May we will publish a team list with the names, of course without registration number and address. The participants then have the opportunity to check and - if necessary - to correct them.

Our event is sponsored by a lot of Saab-Spirit from the german branch of the Saab Parts AB and from Saab Service Kiel, Not yet in the mood for a meeting with nice fans of our cult brand? Then go ahead! The form for Registration and the program of our tour is here.


Rally Plate:

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    I also come with my son from Thuringia and thus via Rostock, maybe it will work for us Thuringians with a sign.
    Bye for now

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    Hi all,
    Sounds really good with Kiel, I also drive with mine
    Children to Trollhättan, but had already booked the ferry from Rostock, now
    not to change, so we'll see each other in Trollhättan,
    Of course we don't have such a nice memory in the form of the shield… .pity;
    Saabige greetings from Thuringia

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    Good ride! Unfortunately, I can not participate because I drive to Normandy on the 31. May.

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      Hello Tom!
      Am I also logged in?
      There was nothing to read about Saab 900
      Greetings, Torsten

      • blank

        Well so what. Of course you are there ... And there will be more than one Saab 900 🙂

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