Fantastic. The Saab 9-5 NG on the road in Sweden.

Today there is no film about a Saab classic, but about a current Saab. Sometime in early summer 2009 this Saab video must have been made in Sweden. With an outside temperature of 18 degrees and sunshine in the 9-5 II somewhere in the Saab homeland. Fantastic!

Saab 9-5 NG on the road in Sweden
Saab 9-5 NG on the road in Sweden

Does it just seem that way, or is it really that today - at least almost 4 years later - the 9-5 II doesn't look a bit old? The exterior design and interior are elegant and timelessly beautiful. The fittings with the green hands and the line speedometer borrowed from aircraft construction still make the big Saab something very special.

Some of us are lucky enough to own such a car. Others see this movie and think of unfulfilled dreams. But some dreams can become reality. Time and again, second-hand goods come onto the market, and from Sweden drips very slowly, quite fresh supplies with just a few kilometers.

The film does without words. The car speaks for itself. Watch, enjoy and, yes, ... dream!


5 thoughts on "Fantastic. The Saab 9-5 NG on the road in Sweden."

  • The 9-5II is a wonderful car and I'm one of the lucky ones who own a Turbo4 Aero automatic first registration May 2012.
    Fortunately, my 9-5 does not have to serve as an everyday car (Subaru Legacy 3,0R station wagon and Saab 900-1) and so it is just like my 9-3 convertible brought out of the garage in good weather, and has only 6.000 kilometers down.
    And it's true, the shape is still dewy, incomparably beautiful and attracts the looks of many people.
    The only downer is the much too hard chassis (unfortunately without Drive-Sense) and the poor all-round visibility in city traffic, but that is forgiven the beautiful ...

    Greetings to all SAABians

  • …… since I've had it, I don't want to get out of the car, cruise easily, challenge the turbo when it has to go fast, enjoy the sound, the great connection to the phone, the seat, the navi ………… everything fits! ………… .. once more stroke the roof line before I leave the garage ………. Give me a saab-my saab-no!

  • Just SAAB !! no words are needed ... and anyone who doesn't understand is not a SAABian

  • Ohh yes a very nice car. I was fortunate to be able to test him at Kunert, SUPER !!! He would not need to fear the competition to 5er E-Class, A6 etc, because of the operation, the ride comfort and the uniqueness of an SAAB unbeatable. I have to say that again and again since I had to give up my company subscription. The A4 alternative is miserably thought out.

    If SAAB 2.0 really works, I hope that they will make it back to the German company leasing fleet. There would certainly be a lot of potential SAAB drivers. I would definitely take one again immediately. Gladly also in the same look and configuration as my SAAB 9-3 III from 2009. I still think the design is beautiful and the “smile” every morning couldn't be beat.

    Best regards, Katrin

  • It is indeed an awesome car; I'll never sell it anymore but drive to the last kilometer.
    Already have more than 100.000 KM but they still drive like new.

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