SAAB pictures. Saab 9-4x in Kiel and Chemnitz.

A few days ago a rare Saab meeting was observed in the north of the republic. Five Saab 9-4x assembled in Kiel in one place ... a constellation that has not yet existed in Germany. Four 9-4x came directly from Sweden from the last Saab auction. One belongs to the car dealership Lafrentz.

Saab Parade. 5 x Saab 9-4x in Kiel.
Saab Parade. 5 x Saab 9-4x in Kiel.

Attentive observers will find that two Saab 9-4x with Chemnitz registration were on the way. The Saab center Chemnitz has bought two of the rare SUVs and looked in passing through in Kiel. One of the two 9-4x for Chemnitz has experienced a kind of automotive Déjà-Vu in recent days. Because this place already knew the Saab. How is it?

The proof: Visiting Chemnitz 2011
The proof: Visiting Chemnitz 2011

The resolution is simple. During our dealer tour in 2011, the Saab was part of the team that was visiting Chemnitz at the time. Back to the southeast, who would have thought? A few days later the two were spotted 9-4 times in Saxony. Fan Heiko was out and about in Chemnitz and stopped by the Saab center. Of course there were pictures for the blog. Thank you, because it is very nice when the community works so well!

For the Saab Festival in Trollhattan also some 9-4x are expected. Although I have written it many times: the 9-4x would have become my new Saab. And still I get annoyed (a bit) when I see the pictures. But slowly it gets better. Time just heals wounds. Until then 9-4x images are in my mailbox again.


Pictures: Autohaus Lafrentz and Heiko for

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  • And I was live on Sunday. It happened to be in Kiel and of course a visit to Lafrentz should not be missed. I was also quite flat when I saw this multitude of 9-4X. And some 9-5 Sportcombi.
    It was a great sight. But had also this thready aftertaste, that there will never be something to see again. I envy all the lucky ones who could get hold of one of these vehicles.

  • The dealer tour was really nice and nasty at the same time ...

    The 9-4X and the 9-5 II SC have demonstrated quite impressively how much potential Saab had so shortly before bankruptcy. Never before has a Saab model range been so comprehensive and diversified. The 9-4X has something and the 9-5 II SC should actually be my next car ...

    Who knows, maybe one day I'll come to one of those rare copies? Maybe there will eventually be a successor? Who knows who knows?

  • Oh yes ... that was really fun on the dealer tour ... but unfortunately there is nothing left to see from the Saab spirit in Chemnitz :-(
    Also have a few pictures of the action and also of the fat party in the MobilForum Dresden. ..
    Maybe it'll be back soon ... I'll be there with Saabine!

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