SAAB 9-3 Vector Sports Suit 1.8t. Facelift.

Our Saab 9 3 1.8t Vector, which we bought 2011 as a new car in Hamburg in July, turned out to be a good investment. There are now more than 30.000 kilometers on the clock, and the Saab is running, running, running. Special Occurrences: None! Nothing rattles, nothing shows signs of wear.

Griffin Grill with stylized airplane
Griffin Grill with stylized airplane

No noticeable oil consumption, and our fuel consumption - with Hirsch Performance in the Performance-enhanced station wagons -  sinks for some time, while the performance is better. It's an experience that keeps you on the B207 engine family. Only at 30.000 kilometers, the Saab is retracted. In July comes the biennial report, but before a small facelift.

Last year, the 9-3 was up 18 ″ Independence rims on road. This year it will roll through the summer on 18 ″ turbine rims. A rim set that I personally like very well and that is one of the most beautiful Saab rims ever. At the same time, a small facelift was carried out in spring. The standard grill was replaced by a Griffin grill. This takes up the Saab design language of a stylized airplane, the Saab lettering is larger and more present. Friends who were critical of this operation described the result as very “Saabian”. We like it too, and the 9-3 looks somehow fresher.

In the interior, a sports steering wheel from the Turbo X replaced the thin Vector steering wheel, the dashboard of the series was replaced by a deer dashboard in carbon leather. At last the annoying, silver decorative strip disappeared, and the plastic door handles were also exchanged for the Hirsch leather version. The result is amazing and even more so with the two-tone interior than in a vehicle with a solid interior. Our Saab feels better and looks better. With a little retouching you have the feeling of a considerably more expensive car. Note: small things improve the value.

The history of the individual components has it all. Dashboard and door handles were provided for the 366 Independence Cabriolets and can be recognized by connoisseurs of the missing Hirsch logo. During the last visit to Sweden, the leather parts were picked up at ANA and, as the SAS plane was full to Frankfurt, brought by Mark in the roof box to Germany.

The rims also came from the Saab sale on the Saab center Bamberg to Germany, the Griffin Grill procured us Markus Lafrentz from Saab Service Kiel, And the sports steering wheel from the Turbo X was last year at the special promotion of the German branch Saab Parts AB zu kaufen.

Our 9-3 is also visually perfect. The inner values ​​themselves have been right from the beginning.




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  • As I just saw the flag here: We have UN-TK 9393. Greetings from the circle Unna.

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    SAAB station wagons are among the most beautiful cars on our roads. Continue a lot of turbo fun and enjoy your SAAB. 200.000 km are no problem for these cars.

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    Yes Tom the 30.000 KM are already the hammer at mileage

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    WOW, very nice Auto.Vor especially the steering wheel irritates me, because our steering wheel is also a bit too narrow.
    Can you re-order the steering wheel and how does it work with the conversion of the airbag?

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      The old airbag will probably be reused, so it was with me

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    Alone the grill is a force, with the turbines the SAAB is a dream! Operation succeeded.

  • Very nice car, especially the interior. In addition to the Griffin grill, we also donated the matching Aerofront to our Vector CV. Looks awesome, I think 4 vehicles have been rebuilt so far with the Aerofront from Lafrenz in Kiel. Are there any leather door handles and double handbrake lever in leather to buy anywhere?
    Please take care of this beautiful vehicle.

  • Hmmmm ... a really stupid question - how do you release the door handles?

    I stumbled across this point while repairing windows. According to the repair manual, it should be possible to unscrew the door handles. The screws can also be loosened - but the handle is apparently inseparable from the door panel. Or are there any more brackets that need to be loosened? I didn't want to try it with force ...

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    Are the leather door handles still to buy somewhere ??

    • Unfortunately not anymore, at most one dealer has something in stock. But it can be that deer can be reconstructed. If a reprint, then I write about it on the blog!

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    Did you install the grill yourself? Illustrated installation instructions or video? ^^ Mine has been in the closet since autumn and is still waiting to be installed, wanted to “protect” it in winter 😉

    • The barbecue with the fSH in Bamberg has done with the wheel change. Because I did not really dare myself

      • Bamberger tights?

        Sorry, I couldn't help it now No offense….

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    Many Thanks..

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    I'm looking for a bit longer after the turbine rims. Where do you get them?
    Thanks and regards

    • Hello David, The turbines are still available as new on the Saab Parts.

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