Lots of pictures and very little text. Saab 64 - 1947-2011.

How is a book defined? Lots of text, a few pictures. If that is true, then we have a problem. The new Saab book by Nicolas Demuynck has little text and many pictures. The little text is then divided into three languages: English, French, Dutch. So a problem?

Saab 64 1947 2011. A colorful journey through the history of the brand
Saab 64 1947 2011. A colorful journey through the history of the brand

Not a book - but a colorful journey through time!

Not at all! Because it is actually not a book in the traditional sense and does not want to be. “Saab 64 1947-2011” is a colorful journey through time through the history of the Swedish cult brand. The author is a Saab fan with a heart, which you can feel when you get involved in his work. With the collaboration of Wolfgang Schmel, whose Saab archive preserves many of the brand's rarities, tasteful images have been compiled, some of which have never been published.

Saab history is shown on 192 pages, from the Ursaab to the Saab 9-5 II sports car. Every picture is explained with a concise text, and it's really fun to leaf through it. Compact text passages complete the picture journey, for example when Saab presented a new model. A Saab time travel with passion, devised by fans of the brand for fans. The presentation and pictures are professional, and the handy sized book is in no way inferior to other publications.

Particularly positive is the fact that all Saab models are granted a corresponding place. In some books, the vehicles of the GM era are neglected. Sorting is then in two-stroke, four-stroke, Saab-Scania and GM era. Apartheid among Saab drivers is called this nonsense then. Not so with Nicolas Demuynck. Saab 900 II, Saab 9-5 and both generations of 9-3 will also be given their due. Which is good and correct. Even the young models are part of the brand history and brought innovations into the automotive world that make up a Saab.

As I said, the new Saab book takes the reader on a journey through time. It is not a book with a lot of technical data or economic background. Other publications have their focus there and are new or antiquarian to acquire. But it is refreshingly different and - clearly - a must for every Saab fan.

And, yes, I almost forgot: Saab blogger legend Steven Wade wrote the foreword. As always, the founder of “Trollhattan Saab”, “Saabsunited” and author of “Inside Saab” finds the right words to start with in his own, inimitable style. One more reason to buy the book.

The pricing for the paperback edition is fair. “Saab 64 1947-2011” costs € 28,95 and is not in bookstores, but in Saab archive to Wolfgang Schmel by mail (wschmel@t-online.de).

Information about the book:

Title: Saab 64 1947 2011

Author: Nicolas Demuynck

Publisher: Nicolas Demuynck - thesaabfarm.com

Published: 2013

ISBN: 978-90-9027-037-1

References: Saab archive