SAAB community. Stolen Saab surfaced.

Some things are incredible. Almost exactly a month ago we have one in Leipzig stolen Saab 900 reported. It was not the first theft of a classic Saab, because last year three cult Swedes disappeared without a trace. This time around, the community reacted quickly, and in just a few hours, it was featured on all forums and blogs in the Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Italy, Holland, Poland and SU.

Saab 900 Talladega, back at the owner!
Saab 900 Talladega, back at the owner!

Apparently, we were successful and have taken the thieves the fun of their prey. Because three weeks later, the Saab was back at the owner. Owner Hagen reports as follows:

"My red Saab 900 has just appeared in the neighboring street! Hair exactly three weeks after he was stolen. My son (6) came along the street with Grandpa and almost casually told me that my car was standing there. I could not believe it, but it was true.
License plates (L-TU900) and the green sticker, Becker radio and amplifier as well as the whole loose content (child seats, heated mirrors, etc. - which one just keeps lying around) of the car are missing. But the tin is healthy and he is still driving. Of course I called the police before and did not touch anything. They did not take fingerprints. There will also be no handwriting comparison, although the "users" on an old Skandix bill (the only snippet of what was left in the car) left a nasty "Sorry!" On the bill are two manhole gaskets that were still in the trunk and of course gone ... "

Was it due to the rapid reaction of the community that made the Saab or its parts unsalable? We do not know and can only puzzle about the motives. The main thing is: the 900 has been back to the owner for several days. And that's good.


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  • Hello people,
    You have to be lucky and I had that. You already found cars in lakes, totally burned out or completely demolished ... I parked the good piece hidden on the find night, disconnected the crucial ignition cable and put it under the pillow. The next morning we went piggyback to the Saab center in Leipzig. Everything is checked there now. GPS, claw and partial coverage are in the works 😉
    Many thanks to Tom and all who mentally supported / comforted me!


  • Very nice ... and right now go to the mobile forum DD, they have everything for a GPS monitoring there!

    PS: I also got a 900 / 1Tu.16s convertible with air flow kit, a9-5 II Aero V6 Combi in red and a 9/3 Viggen in yellow! If they show up ... please just stand in front of my door! Thank you! 😉 😉 😉

  • the swarm intelligence of the internet works!

  • ohh, does not happen often. Excellent !

  • The main thing he is back. And now take care ...

  • Super you lucky child. To your reassurance, also here in NRW was kept watch.

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