SAAB News. Plagiarism.

Plagiarism: A plagiarism (about fr. plagiaire "Thief of intellectual property" off lazy. Plagiarius "Soul Seller, Human Robber"[1]) is the presumption foreign intellectual achievements. Let's talk about BAIC and let's talk about Saab history. The Chinese build the “Shen Bao Series” based on the old Saab 9-5. Shenbao is an old name for Saab in the Chinese market.

The new top model from BAIC: Shenbao Aero.
The new top model from BAIC: Shenbao Aero.

On top of that. Events in China openly adorn themselves with Swedish feathers. The former Saab Performance Team was a guest and showed the audience how quickly a “Shen Bao” can be moved. Accompanying were Saab 900, Saab 9000 and Saab 9-3 at the side of the course. BAIC = Saab? Ok, the new car from China is based on a Saab, construction as mentioned. But how far can you go to point this out?

Apparently very far. In the latest BAIC image film, a Swedish song from an earlier Saab Festival is not only used as background music. It is tragic that this song was deliberately played as an allusion to GM at the time. "Release Saab ..." was the hidden message ... most of us know this song. You openly show the Saab past, play with the Saab logo and then somehow mix the Saab and BAIC symbols, and of course you get a Shenbao. The fact that the style of the film was copied from one of the last Saab commercials doesn't matter anymore. If only you had done it well! But while the Swedes preferred bright, positive colors, the China derivative is in dark tones and negative for us as Europeans.

On another website you advertise openly with Saab history, and I am glad that the “Shenbaos” have nothing optically in common with our vehicles.

Shenbao Aero, Saab is there.
Shenbao Aero, Saab is under it.

Is this going too far in China? We do not know the contracts that - at that time still under GM influence - were concluded between China and Sweden. It is possible that there could possibly be unimagined freedoms. However, what cannot be the use of the Saab logo with the griffin. This is where Scania and the Volkswagen Group watch. We remember the difficulties Saab 2.0 investor NEVS had with the usage rights. The use of the Saab name and the visual presence of Saab aircraft may not be desirable in Sweden. BAIC, recently in association with the car manufacturer with the star, takes too much freedom.

Needless to say, the top version of the new vehicles will bear the “Aero” designation. Still ... there seems to be at least something moving in China. The Ex-Saab with 2.0 T and the legendary 2.3 T turbo engine will be available at the end of the year. The English name of the “Shenbao” will not be Saab or based on it. BAIC announced last week that vehicles with the name “Senova” will come off the assembly line.

In China, a copy is said to be the highest recognition of the original, so we are told again and again. Might be. I do not see it as recognition but because of lack of respect. Opposite Saab, the customers and the brand history.


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  • I'm sorry, but I can not quite understand the criticism:
    - If GM hadn't pursued a failed model policy for many years ...
    -If Saab had been sold into other hands….
    -If everyone just bought more Saabs ...
    So many if ...
    GM decided in 2010 to silver the remains of Saab. That was GM's right. To Chinese people who are known to like to copy - in order to catch up with the technological lead of our western world. Thats it!
    As someone who wants to keep his 9-5I running for a long time, I am glad that BAIC helps to at least partially maintain the spare parts supply to some extent!
    That you flirt with the Saab history in the advertising films - why not, that honors this Scandinavian brand. Should BAIC advertise with Chinese tradition? Conclusion: the child has been in the well for a long time and BAIC has not thrown it in but at least holds out a possibly saving hand. If this Chinese company were to overtake Toyota or even VW at some point, the criticism would immediately cease and nobody would lose a word more about the beginnings of this brand as a Saab corpse collector….

  • So let's be honest folks - it doesn't look that bad! When I see what's going on in the segment in this country at the moment, I really can't find anything except for the Jaguar XF that would appeal to me. I could get a company car - but can't find anything useful. Somehow I don't want the “usual suspects” (was about to order a BMW 5 series). That's why I'm now looking for a good, inexpensive 9-5 AERO that I can drive about 2000 km a month on the autobahn for the next few years.
    So there's nothing left but to wait for a cool 9-5 II successor for the next few years - well, hope ... 🙂

  • Dear thylmuc,

    BAIC could have bid for SAAB (as NEVS did) - if you don't bid in the first place, you put yourself behind so-called. How do you want to show off with the government?

    After all, BAIC only has rights to the old models!

  • Joachim: And this very legal situation could have led BAIC to feel that they had fallen behind and therefore wanted to create opinion facts. Maybe yes to the Chinese leadership in Beijing.

  • Not much of SAAB can be seen optically. Visually has a lot in common with Honda automobiles.
    Oh dear. But maybe that's not so bad for the SAAB spirit….

  • Since NEVS has acquired the SAAB works with all existing patents (previously only the parts division) and has also obtained the rights to the name of SAAB AB, this is the sole so-called successor of GM and Spyker.

    BAIC has only acquired the rights to the old engines.

  • who knows what's behind. Possibly party political wrangling. After all, there are now two different companies, both of which are somehow tightly linked to community bearers who feel like the heirs of Saab. Competitive thinking between cities / regions can play just as much a role as personal power or money interests of any background actors. Without substantial background information and a deep immersion in the culture, an interpretation is hardly possible. For us in Europe, the video is certainly not intended.

  • Only where SAAB is on the inside will in future also currently developed SAAB technology - this is not the case with Shenbao or Senova.

    Of course, this can be better understood by people with an intention to purchase, even if new SAAB vehicles with the corresponding SAAB emblem are actually available (this also applies to the Chinese market).

    Also, these outrages of BAIC should be an additional incentive for the new SAAB owner to start production in Trollhättan as soon as possible!

    The whole thing then accompanied with informative advertising (SAAB history up to the takeover by NEVS) and BAIC would be unmasked.

  • Another super report !!! Apart from the fact that he looks like the A4 in the back and the star like the front, but the Chinese have managed to produce a vehicle that could certainly meet the European taste and very similar.
    Before 30 years, the Japanese have copied-and many have said that they would not buy it-and now the Japanese are firmly anchored in the market.
    I also trust the Chinese to do this ...
    But I would not say that we drive the last Saab from Sweden. When the production is running, the new ones for me are just as Swedish as the previous models, if so are built in Sweden.
    One should free oneself from the owner shares from China, Saudi Arabia or other.
    Up to a few luxury sports car manufacturers, there is no brand, which can also be assigned to the manufacturer country.
    Audi, Porsche & VW with their Bratislava models with mostly Hungarian engines,
    BMW & Mercedes partly Made in the USA or even French parts and and and
    In any case, I'm looking forward to the start of production and new cars ...

  • Everything on this Chinese vehicle is obviously copied. A-class + BMW + SAAB. Colleagues have no style and won't stop at anything. We want authentic vehicles, don't we? This vehicle variant should really not be associated with SAAB.
    One should better see that the SAAB youngtimers were the last of the Swedish type. After that, nothing can come that comes close to old SAAB times. That at least increases the conservation value of our vehicles. That's life.

  • Why is the performance team doing something like that?
    Why should the song of the band Oh Laura be used in such a movie?
    And why does Scania do nothing against the abuse of the griffin?

    The new model looks like a mix of new A-Class and Legacy from the front.
    The stern is reminiscent of a cross between Infinity and BMW.
    The strong rising body with the long overhangs looks just stale.
    Since you realize that the platform is the old one remained and was not improved and just a new cover over it was put over.
    Krass that the engine in the performance engine still resembles the original block.
    The abuse of this myth just makes me sad.
    All thanks to GM!

  • Very interesting Tom. Thanks again for the information.

    However, I am once again speechless about our “friends” from the Far East. Although I lived in China for a year and should really know what makes the country tick, I just can't understand how disrespectful the Chinese are when they “copy”.
    The performance video is typical of China. Main action and otherwise quite meaningless. That's all it takes.
    The drawn video, however, goes a bit too far for me, just like the website. In both I find it too much Saab !!!

    But I'm also happy that at least the new “own developments” don't really remind you of a Saab, regardless of whether you like them or NOT.

    I'm curious to see when the first vehicles can be “admired” on our roads. At least 2 BAICs have been around in Lusatia for some time.

    Best regards and a good (short) week. Marco

  • Front Mercedes A-Class and rear BMW and all under an arrogant appeal to be the legal heir of the Saab tradition?

    Yuck. No thanks! Please stop, that hurts.

  • Once again a nice post, the content of which I see exactly like this - THANK YOU!
    Although I have to say yes that I like the design, both from the front, but much more at the rear, not so bad! Since you have to certify the Chinese actually that the Ex-SAAB has become visually quite presentable!

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