SAAB notes. Germany. Italy. China.

Time for a few notes from the Saab world. Where did the Saabs go from the last big auction? The local newspaper in Trollhättan has addressed this question. 78 visited 23 in the Netherlands, 20 in Germany, 14 in Sweden. The rest was distributed to other countries. So the Dutch are the biggest fans of our cult brand? Saab has always had a strong base there, that's right. But the land of the tulip blossom is also the land of car speculators.

Saab 9-5 Aero Sports Suit
Saab 9-5 Aero Sports Suit

A certain dealer has bought on a large scale and is now trying to make a lot of profit - with daring markups. If that works? The seller is under observation. We will report.

Saab Italy on expansion.

There is a lot of activity behind the Saab scenes and very rarely do we see any direct effects. In Italy, the previously independent, fan-operated blog “” became the official communication channel of Saab Italy on April 24th. An interesting development and an idea of ​​how to position yourself in the future. The Italian Saab fans welcome it.

Saab Parts AB in Finland.

Saab Parts AB is now represented in Finland with its own subsidiary. The Swedish brand has 41 partners there. These are now being looked after by “Swedish Distribution Services Finland AB” under Country Manager Sauli Naski, a longtime Saab man. After Norway, Finland is already the second expansion in a short time. Saab Parts AB is thus expanding its international network.

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NEVS back from China.

A delegation of Saab 2.0 owner NEVS was traveling in China. The goal was the car show in Shanghai, the battery factory in Beijing, and also the meeting with a delegation of the Swedish Ministry of Economy was on the agenda. Together, the site was visited for the planned plant in Quingdao.

At the moment the plans are in an early phase. In three to five years, the new Saab plant could be in China, according to press officer Östlund. Currently there is no planning permission. Also the entry of the metropolis Quingdao with 22% at NEVS is not yet completed. The contracts are signed but final approvals are pending.

Do we get the impression that the Chinese bureaucracy is on the brakes again?





4 thoughts on "SAAB notes. Germany. Italy. China."

  • The SAAB Parts is quite active. Should actually be sold to NEVS, you already have more information?

  • Ask me more, how that should work with the marketing there.

    The saab roots are already sold by others. (
    As we read yesterday.
    "Shen Bao Series". Shenbao is an old name for Saab in the Chinese market. "

  • Hallo,
    The NL Saab dealer is online with a station wagon. I would like almost €80.000 – so, clear speculation as Tom also writes. As far as the Chinese are concerned, my opinion is still and again: there is no Saab and if there is, then a Chinese one that I will never buy if production doesn't stay in Sweden. Saab belongs in Sweden and nowhere else. Also with regard to the people who built this wonderful car.

  • The Chinese bureaucracy seems to be much worse than the German bureaucracy - a really “great achievement” if the administration there manages to be even more viscous!

    The Chinese are definitely not doing themselves a favor with games like this - especially not when it comes to SAAB. Here any delays for the reasons we know are now certainly counterproductive.

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