SAAB News. Saab 9-5 II limousines in Kiel.

For years, Germany was the problem bear among the Saab markets. Now you get the impression that there is a lot going on around Saab. A guess that's right. Germany is one of the key markets for Saab Parts AB today, and for some activities Germany has even become a hub.

Saab 9-5 II limousine parade at Saab Service Kiel
Saab 9-5 II limousine parade at Saab Service Kiel

The Saab Service Kiel New Saab 9-5 II arrived from Sweden. They will be prepared there for the respective markets or for Saab collectors and then leave northern Germany in various European countries. Included this time is a car that never went into production. One of the two black Saabs carries a special engine under the hood.

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Saab would have provided a special diesel version for the fleet business. The new 136PS diesel with 119g Co2 / km never went into production, and the sedan shown here is probably the only one of its kind. Saab would have had a “green car” in the “longer than 5-meter class”. Remarkable when you consider that vehicles like Ford Ka, Hyundai i2, Audi A10 or Mercedes A-Class are bustling with the same Co4 values.

Alright! Now we're back to the chapter “what if ...”. It's time to let the past be gone. It fits that the last Saab auction in Sweden should also have been the last major event of its kind. Everything that is to come now will include far fewer vehicles.

In Trollhättan itself, they are working on a future that seems to look quite interesting. Life goes on ! Also for our cult brand from Trollhättan!


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    Apparently the 9-5II would have been a success in China (also ...?): Many Chinese love cars that are LONG ... For the European orientation, SAAB was undoubtedly well positioned, just too late ... So I'm still very excited, how the restart works and with which product ... and when the model range will be expanded up and down ... the future remains exciting! Good sunny May!

  • I'm curious what's coming. Only with the 9 3 is nothing.

    • blank

      I think so too.

      If NEVS sees it that way, maybe something else is coming?

      • blank

        I would now look relaxed. It is important to take the first step and to start production this year. Then comes the second step and the Phoenix platform should be good for everything.

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    The 9-5 II is one of the most beautiful sedans ever and I'm always happy to see you!

    • blank

      How true.

      The last caption should therefore read as follows:
      Saab 9-5 II rear. One of the FOUR chocolate sides of Sweden.

      How I would have loved to have had a 9-5 II SC ...

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