SAAB Festival Sweden. Tour Kiel - Trollhättan (registration deadline).

5 more weeks! More than 30 teams have now registered for the Kiel - Trollhättan tour. Our little Saab event in the north is no longer that small. On Thursday, May 30th, the fans will meet at 15.00 p.m. on the grounds of Saab Service Kiel, For the last-minute, this is the last opportunity to register.

Impression of the Saab Festival 2010
Impression of the Saab Festival 2010

The registration deadline is May 3rd, because the rally plates have to go to print. We came up with a few surprises for all participants. We were creative because there is a personal, Saabian “Welcome Package”. We will reveal the details in the next few days. Fans who have already registered will receive a confirmation of registration by email in the following days. And - because some have asked - the ferry to Sweden and the hotel in Trollhättan or the surrounding area have to be booked by yourself and at your own expense.

Rallye Plate: Saab Tour Kiel - Trollhattan
Rallye-Plate: Saab Tour Kiel - Trollhattan

The mix of registered vehicles is interesting. There are now three of the Saab 9-5 II sports suits, which never went into production, that drive with us through Västragötland towards the Saab factory. Mixed with historical Saab 96 and Saab 93, our group becomes a rolling image of Saab history. That sounds good! I think we will have a lot of fun together at the Saab Festival!

The list of participants and more details about our program will be published next week.



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    I am unfortunately not in Trollhättan because I will visit the museum in July - you all have fun and enjoy the tour. To increase the anticipation maybe the picture of the “Saab of the Week” from SU:

    Best regards!


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    Moin Tom!

    Unfortunately, we can not make it to Kiel in time, but we plan to arrive in Trollhättan in good time on Friday.
    Do you go back on Sunday closed or it is planned that everyone starts “his own” way back.
    I ask because I could imagine it would be nice to start the way back together with you - the 30 teams.
    If you plan to do this together: which ferry do you take on the way back?

    sunny greetings,

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      It is planned only a common outward journey, since the first participants will leave Trollhattan already on Sunday morning in the direction of Denmark. But some go with the Gothenburg-Kiel ferry in the evening. A common trip home is safe there.

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    Hi Tom,

    I discovered an interesting article about it - only on another continent.
    Saab - crazy people like us are everywhere.

    Have a nice weekend

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    Am with my heart because unfortunately this year can not take any free time in this period.
    But everything looks so good; I'm sure this is going to be a dream.

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