SAAB Festival. Saab Tour Kiel - Trollhattan. Entry list.

It all started with a spontaneous idea. Markus Lafrentz and I actually thought that maybe 10, but a maximum of 20 Saab teams would start. Registration was closed on Friday and an incredible 37 teams registered for our Saab Tour Kiel - Trollhättan!

Rallye Plate: Saab Tour Kiel - Trollhattan
Rallye-Plate: Saab Tour Kiel - Trollhattan

What's really a larger number of participants than expected and, that's the other side, it would have been even more possible. Because many fans had already booked other ferries to Sweden, and if we had come with our proposal a few weeks earlier, then it would have become 50 teams sure.

You can book Team list Kiel-Trollhattan 2013  who sees that we have a celebrity traveling companion among us. Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director of the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, will accompany us to Sweden and spend the weekend at the festival. This also comes from the official Saab site a clear statement on the bond with the brand and fans. German media representatives will also be there to report about the festival. Everyone is talking about the Saab brand?

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It seems so. Because the tour becomes an extraordinary event. On our list are not only Saab classics, but also Saab 9-5 II sportswear. That these vehicles, with approval and in the hands of customers, come to Trollhättan, is something of a small miracle. Because a few months ago, according to the opinion of the insolvency lawyers, all sports combinations from the pre-series should go into the junk press and only two copies remain.

The registration confirmations for the tour go to the fans today. Because of the lack of time in the last days, there was a little delay. Because we work on a small budget, sponsored by the Saab Parts AB, The Saab Service Kiel, The Saab center Bamberg and from two Saab fans who are not mentioned, it is not possible to distribute further “Rallye Plates” or “Welcome Packages” to fans who have chosen other routes to Trollhättan. Here, many readers persistently ask what I understand, but what only fills my already overcrowded mailbox.

Only the 59 participants with 37 vehicles are registered - which is "not quite" correct. Because we really have a pedestrian with us as participant number 60. His Saab is being restored, and at least he has found a lift for the way there. He's still looking for the way back. But that will also work, I'm sure of that. That's Saab Spirit. Being there is everything!

Another addendum on my own account: my calendar from "real life" is completely full this week. The blog, the Saab hobby, has to wait. pauses for a few days ... it will continue in the next week!



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  • Good morning,
    if someone should look for a ride from FFM via Kiel to Trollhättan, I would still have a place in the car - on the return journey too, of course.


  • blank

    Hey there!

    The graphic template is given above.
    If you need such a plate, you can design a thing yourself and then start your own search for who can make such plates. Will certainly cheaper, but compared to the travel costs would be the peanuts.
    Vlt. yes, a corresponding sticker would already be enough

    In this respect everyone can “buy” their “happiness”!

    I am still considering whether to drive with my father.
    He is speculating that he can buy cheap new 9000 parts from Ana. How likely is that?


    • blank

      Typo: Will then be MORE EXPENSIVE….

  • blank

    Only a short remark, it was in no way a criticism. I think the event in Kiel great and regret not being able to sein.Sicher for all participants a nice event also thanks to the organizers.
    For me it was really just a matter of presenting us and the participants from other countries with a nice, visible symbol for the loyal Saab community from Germany and as a reminder of hopefully nice days in Sweden. Germany ”.
    That's over.
    I wish you nice hours in Kiel and Trollhattan.

    • blank

      Hello Wolfgang,
      why do not you print a few signs for your tour?
      ? - Trollhattan
      Then you each have your own shield! You can take over the design from Kiel!

      Just like that ...

  • blank

    I wish all participants a GOOD RIDE.
    We would have liked to have been there (just 55 km from Kiel) but we will be driving through Sweden for 9 weeks with our 5 - 7 Vector Bio Power and new caravan from June 4th. Of course, Trollhättan is on the list. We'll definitely be there next time.


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      I wish all participants a good trip and lots of fun. Hopefully the Swedish ice hockey fans aren't too mad at us Swiss anymore ...
      Best regards

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    Hello 9.3Wolfgang,
    now I am a little confused ... WHY in the world do you feel like 2nd class ??? I followed the information about the tour early on ... there was always talk that those who travel by ferry from Kiel can meet at the Lafrentz car dealership to chat, drink coffee, etc., and then sail to Sweden together! The fact that a chic rally plate is stuck in the car for this group only means that these SAABs drove the Kiel-Trollhättan tour together. And NOTHING! Should our blogger have rally plates printed for all participants from Germany ??? Otherwise those who fly could also feel disadvantaged….
    If we are all in Trollhättan and participating in the festival, then there are certainly pretty stickers there. So you can also come out later than participant 2013.
    As I just learned, you could have canceled booked ferries or can post over Kiel.
    So please, leave the “church in the village”!

    • blank

      I see that as well as Andi and Zirkowski.
      Criticism is not appropriate here. Who likes to go in the motorcade and has decided to do it now, the others are not. I look forward to the journey with several Saab from Frankfurt to Kiel, the meeting in the car dealership Lafrentz and a common evening on the ferry.
      Thus, the journey is already a fun. It is important for me to be there. The badge is not crucial. Thanks to all organizers. Do not let critics spoil the fun.
      Anyone who thinks about all eventualities beforehand will prefer to stay that way.

  • blank

    I have to admit publicly that I'm very disappointed and I'm sure about 13 other teams as well.
    Just because we had decided very early for Trollhättan and had booked so other ferries, we are now festival participants from Germany but 2. Class.
    I think if it is really only due to the lack of finances that we cannot receive any “rally plates”, which would have made us recognizable as a visible sign in Sweden and especially afterwards in Germany as a loyal Saab community and above all as a participant in the festival expelled, there should be something to be done.
    Tom, give a price and a bank account and I'm sure the majority of 13 is right there.
    Are participants from Kiel better Saabfans?
    You drive so 1000 km a distance.
    Think again about it. I thought, in Trollhättan, the German Saabfangemeinde presented uniformly!

    • blank

      Where is the problem? The event is called Kiel - Trollhättan. It is therefore clear who is going through Kiel, who is not, who is not. Wolfgang, maybe you should consider that the tour is a fan-run event that requires a lot of unpaid work and participation with all giveaways is free. You should take off your hat before that.

  • blank

    so that's a nice list, wish you a good trip. Next time I have to join!

  • blank

    All travelers a pleasant journey and nice lasting emotions in Trollhättan! I look forward (as a SAABianer staying at home) to the well-illustrated report by Tom (and Co.?)! Have fun!

  • blank

    Wau ... great team ... my compliments! Then we'll see you at the festival in Trollhättan.

    It reminds me of the times in 1987 at the Jubilé Day Festival in Trollhättan, where a good 50 Saab's from the Swiss Club had booked this ferry!

    Have a good trip

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