SAAB Festival. Dinner tickets online.

Saturday's Saab Dinner is the highlight of the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. Erik Carlsson and other Saab personalities will be there. The tickets for the dinner are limited in number and therefore usually quickly sold out. Reason for me to interrupt the write break for a brief moment.

Saab Diner Tickets
Saab Diner Tickets

The dinner tickets are now available online at the Saab Museum Shop for the price of 240 SEK per person. If you want to be there, you should not wait long!


3 thoughts on "SAAB Festival. Dinner tickets online."

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    Hi Tom,

    was Friday and yesterday in Trollhättan in the Saab Museum. There I was told that the tickets for the dinner were sold out very quickly. NEVS has freshly painted the new company logos in front of the factory (of which you already showed photos) on Friday (probably for the Saab Festival). I wish you a lot of fun at the festival.


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    Please 2 dinner tickets for Saab meeting in Trolhatten 2013.
    Please let us know how to pay the ticket.

    Kind regards
    Luc Waegeman

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      The tickets are allready sold out. Sorry.

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