SAAB weekend. Saab meeting Czech Republic.

The weather did not feel good with the fans. But can rain and humble circumstances stop the enthusiasm for Saab? Alex, blogger of SAABISM, was unstoppable. As well as about 150 other fans who did not meet the annual Saab meeting in Roudnice nad Labem.

SAAB meeting in Roudnice
SAAB meeting in Roudnice

Pictures of the national Saab meeting on an airfield are good 50 kilometers north of Prague are on SAABISM, the wonderful Saab blog by Alex. Also, there is a short shoot to the Saab meeting in the rain, created by Robert Pagan.

Saab enthusiasm knows no borders and is international. Roudnice with 150 cult Swedes as participants is impressive and a foretaste of the big Saab meeting in Trollhättan.

There the dinner tickets are sold out since yesterday. Which was not to be expected otherwise. For those who still want to be there, there are bar tickets that allow entry from 21.00 clock. The Saab Festival itself now has more information from Sweden, as the organizers have updated the program.


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  • blank

    Wonderful idea to pick up the SAABs in oncoming traffic and to have them elegantly threaded into the roundabout! In addition, this wonderful theatrical musical background ... A short pleasure! Fun in spite of the rain! New joy in Trollhättan!

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