SAAB News. Leisurely progressing.

A week (almost) without Saab news on ... Has anything happened in Sweden? It has ! Not much. Not spectacular. More slowly. Just like the barges, coming from Lake Vänern, pass the Saab city of Trollhättan at a leisurely pace and chug down the Göta Älv towards the Swedish west coast.

Goeta Canal in Trollhattan, looking towards the Saab Museum
Goeta Canal in Trollhattan, looking towards the Saab Museum

Saab 2.0 posted new job advertisements last week. In principle, it was about employees for the body shop and the press shop. Key positions if you want to build cars. Clearly and somehow inevitable, the story is now heading towards production. The local newspaper in Trollhättan smells morning air and assumes 20 new jobs. In addition to the 130 to 140 employees in the plant and the consultants, there are already more than 200 positions at Saab 2.0. There are also employees in China and Japan.

With the 20 new employees, the newspaper said the first pilot team should also be formed in assembly. One or more teams of four start the production process and gain experience. If you go into the long-awaited recruitment phase, you have experience and know how many employees are needed in the first step on the production lines. According to press spokesman Östlund for TTELA, production is still to start in autumn. “We are on schedule…” so the statement. And further “… the problem is not in the matter itself, but in the availability of the components”. So far, so cryptic. So it depends on the supplier. We know from Germany that several companies have been preparing production for Trollhättan for some time and that the lights are shining green here. It shouldn't look quite as good at an important supplier in another European country. There the traffic light seems to be yellow at best. Out of whichever reasons.

Still good news? Yeah sure, somehow, but not only from this point. Saab Parts AB, a company (still) owned by the Swedish state, released its quarterly figures last week. An increase in sales of 24% compared to the first quarter of the previous year speaks for itself. The German market with its good business is not uninvolved in this. If you listen to the Saab floor radio, Germany is developing into an outperformer among the markets. That sounds good! On the other hand, nothing is heard about the sales negotiations between the Saab investors and the Ministry of Finance to take over Parts AB.

If we think of the experiences of the past, there should be a lot of politics at play again. But the reality now and then overtakes some contract poker. In real life and in everyday life, Saab 2.0 and Saab Parts AB have long been linked and work very closely together. What should belong together has grown together for a long time. Regardless of any contracts.




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  • “What should belong together has grown together for a long time. Regardless of any contracts. " Perhaps it should also mean: “What belongs together has never separated. Despite every contract ”😉

  • I had slight withdrawal symptoms ... :-)) Finally new news !!! Thanks Tom!

  • Yes, a week can be long

  • Nice to read SAAB news ... Was a long week without a blog!

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