SAAB press. "... buy a new Saab 9-3 in autumn"

Friends in Sweden, those with a Saab background, are sure that the cult brand will make its comeback this year. The optimism is growing from month to month, which does not seem unfounded. Saab 2.0 press officer Östlund fired these positive expectations and gave the "... late autumn" as the date.

Auto-Motor-Sport Sweden: Fingers crossed for a new Saab 9-3 in autumn!
Auto-Motor-Sport Sweden: Fingers crossed for a new Saab 9-3 in autumn!

In the Swedish edition of the Auto-Motor-Sport there was therefore a short article on Saab development yesterday. “Maybe you can buy a new Saab 9-3 in the fall,” they write there. Which I would like, but seems a little too optimistic. Because Saab 2.0 owner NEVS has not yet commented on which markets should be supplied with priority.

Press chief Östlund is quoted in the online magazine Just-Auto. In the text there, the start with diesel and gasoline engines comes to the fore. Which, in turn, is speculative, because the official sources have not yet commented on the engine variants. Informed circles consider it unlikely that the diesel engines from the long-dissolved Fiat / GM partnership will make a comeback.

Saab 2.0 owner NEVS has announced its intention to use the Saab Festival in Trollhättan as a platform to bring the assembled fans and local international press representatives up to date. Which is certainly the best possible stage for the emerging media interest. As always, it is important for us to stay relaxed, the Saab Festival is getting closer and closer. The news from Sweden has been getting better and better for some time, the long wait seems to be worth it. And Saab 2.0 has learned from the mistakes of the past and uses as a mouthpiece, it seems, not only the fan blogs, but increasingly the power press.


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  • 200.000 vehicles per year should already be production and sales targets for the restart. Optimism is definitely very important. Good news and I am pleased. We Saab fans are waiting for a long time for the beginning of the new year.

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    What a powerful and elegant recording of the red SAAB 9-3! Still an exciting sports suit! There should be something to be done with attractive engines ... I am accompanying the quiet restart with positive thoughts and hope for economical, yet strong, safe and timelessly elegant innovative cars from Trollhättan! Public relations at the meeting of the SAABists in Trollhättan would be awesome! Lots of positive people with the SAAB gene in their blood would fly out as multipliers .... A wonderful thought ...

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    Hello to all Saabists,

    For a long time I was quiet because a big move to the north was imminent, but I always read attentively and a lot of what you have noticed - I like it very much. I too was suspicious of the NEVS news at first, but I always hoped that the owners would know what they were doing (and not). I still intend to go to Sweden, so I try to think “Swedish” too. From the point of view of a Swede, the procedure is not entirely understandable, but at least understandable.

    The reserved manner is typically Swedish, but it also makes sense. Why should NEVS already let itself be seen in the cards now, let alone in the last 12 months? On the one hand, there would be a chance that the competition would already start copying and, on the other hand, one would have dealt again with shaping or trampling on the delicate “SAAB 2.0 little plant”. You know that from the time of VM.

    I think that's a complete concept. Body and variants, new models and also engines. I am also sure that the advertising drum is already running in the dark - or at least it is about to. I believe in a successful comeback for SAAB 2.0

    Hopefully all potential buyers who have found after the bankruptcy that SAAB builds beautiful and good cars [that was a note - I think from Tom - shortly after VM had filed for bankruptcy], also make the money loose, to acquire one.

    Furthermore, it makes strategic sense to go to the press at the SAAB Festival, because then you have a huge and certainly euphoric audience on site. [Maybe you also invite the ESC winner Loreen as a surprise guest - because the winning song "Euphoria" would be more than appropriate :)]

    I wish that the festival AND the start of production will be a success for all. I wish all participants a lot of fun in Trollhättan and a good trip. Unfortunately, I can not participate, because I would like to have my birthday again in my favorite country.

    God reser ochertligt velkomna tillbaka i Tyskland - hejdå


    (now living in the RZ district)

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      "On the one hand, there is a chance that the competition will start copying"

      BMW is not only in the starting blocks, but has already finished the i-3!
      Likewise, Renault already has ETUAL e-models in the program.

      So I do not know what else should be copied there?
      As a PIONEER in terms of electric cars, NEVS / SAAB can no longer appear, especially since the vast majority of automotive "novelties" are often only newly brewed and have mostly been tried out decades ago (e.g. steering light on Citroen).

      I'm curious, but not skeptical, because I'm already driving a Saab


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    I keep my fingers crossed!

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    The story with NEVS just keeps getting better and better. So it really seems that they were just as surprised by the purchase of the company SAAB as we are all. Now it gives the impression that the people from NEVS are working hard to make the possible possible and are going into production with “normal cars”. But there seems to be a good spirit in terms of innovation at SAAB 2.0; you develop new concepts for the future.
    … ..And if everything goes well, I will take back my original suspicions about NEVS 🙂

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    That would be really great if that worked out !!!

    Regardless of the engine issue but then the future public relations and especially the advertising should be improved so that both former, and potentially new SAAB drivers know that lives the brand, which models there, etc. ppp. Because that was lacking in my opinion in the past, at least in Germany.

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    So if you were to deliver the info with production start and more details at the Saab Festival, you could congratulate NEVS for the first time to a successful publicity. That would finally be the long hoped for sign of life and the optimal stage for it.

    If production could start at the end of the year, NEVS would have shown to all doubters that they have well prepared a sound concept in the background, which they then use when it comes to the public eye. If they can do that, then respect, because the last months were certainly not pleasant for the team with the many hostilities.

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    Good to read! But the question of the future engines still remains exciting. An answer would interest me very much!

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      So to my knowledge and the info comes from Saab, an engine is supposed to be a cooperation of Daimler and BMW.

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