SAAB Fan Shop. Model cars - t-shirts - tin signs.

Something's happening in our Saab fan shop! The warm season is just around the corner. Saab T-shirts for the summer are on the way and will arrive in the next few days. Of course, originals from Saab Expressions from Sweden and - by popular request - also available in slightly "larger sizes" than previously.

Ursaab Logo of 1947. Pre-series for the Saab Fan Shop
Ursaab Logo of 1947. Pre-series for the Saab Fan Shop

Already in stock are new Saab models from Neo Scale Models. The Saab 9000 faction is enriched by a Saab 9000 CD or rather CDE in the scale 1: 43. Available in two color options, blue-gray and beige, the Saab 95 is now available in 1: 87 scale. But not only in the model cars there is growth. Our Saab Classic collection is busy closing gaps. For the fans, there is now a tin sign with the Saab logo of 1962. Saab 96 and 95 proudly carry the aircraft with the lettering on the radiator grille.

But that's not enough! We are currently digitizing the very first Saab logo from 1947. The Ursaab wears it on the hood, and actually it was never an official trademark of Saab. Designer Sixten Sason understood the logo as a gimmick and style exercise. The signet with the stylized number 92 has, like the first Saab, outlived the times.

At the moment we are concerned with the question of whether the final version will be silver or rather gold. Both versions are circulating in literature, the Ursaab bears a silver sign. The decision is not easy ...



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  • When will there finally be visible models from recent history ... What is sold as, for example, 93 is not really nice ...; (

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    I like it, I've never seen it like this!

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