SAAB press. SAAB Parts Germany in auto service practice.

The trade magazine "Autoservicepraxis" reports in its April issue on developments at Saab and Daihatsu. Under the heading of “estate administrators”, which was not quite happily chosen, it is about the Swedes, who want to start production again this year, and the Japanese, who have withdrawn from Germany and Europe.

Saab future in auto service practice
Saab future in auto service practice

We ignore Japan because there are (presumably) hardly any Daihatsu drivers among our readers. For us - from Saab's point of view - the article is exciting. Because it's about our spare parts, but not only! The product range is further developed in Eschborn. In a conversation with Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, the managing director of Swedish Distribution Services GmbH, a subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, words like “Saab Recommended Parts” and “Classic Parts” are used. The former should round off the product line of "Original Saab Spare Parts" and make it interesting for price-sensitive Saab drivers to visit the Saab service partner. The second is a little further in the future and is, I will finally say, an offer for the classics from Trollhättan.

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So far a market that the Swedes - for whatever reason - ignored. While German manufacturers have long been producing original parts in OEM quality and the parts are affordable for themselves, our cult brand was more than reluctant to do so. In the last 12 months, a lot has been invested in the Saab after-sales infrastructure in Germany and Austria, and the homework was completed with top marks. The exciting question now is the future of Saab and whether Germany is ready to sell new cars. The answers can be found in the article, which we have exempted from the Daihatsu Text Block, as a PDF download.

Incidentally, the pictures for the post were added Saab Service Kiel (Saab Parade) and at Saab center Bamberg (Workshop) added.

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  • Saab Parts / Swedish Distribution is really proof of active identification with a brand. Expanding the range of products to include cheaper parts should definitely be a good step - even if we all know that our SAABs have a long life ahead of them, I can well imagine that many people are considering a cheap alternative in the old age of vehicles is pulled.

    Incidentally, Mercedes has been offering an OEM parts service for old / youngtimer models for some time now, where business is booming with the service for the classics ... that is, with those cars that are still for the "good, old Mercedes quality" (quote from Tom ) stand.

  • I agree with Herbert's last sentences. The local motor journalists (especially those from Axel Springer Verlag) left no doubt for other brands and their models over all the years in which SAAB built and sold good to very good cars. Only (where else?) In the USA there were good reviews on the 900 (until 1993) and the 9000, as long as SAAB was not complete at GM. But exactly there (USA) was the largest market for SAAB, especially when it came to safety technology. Only who do I tell that….

  • Nice to read an article in the press again. It's also nice that the author ascribes the subject of "downsizing" to Saab. For me, the turbos of the 9000 series were exactly that. Upper middle class, which felt as if there were significantly more displacement and easily two more cylinders under the hood. And that at a time when German manufacturers were almost exclusively packing conventional suction and drinking engines in comparable vehicles.

    I am still annoyed today about an issue of the ADAC magazine, in which an 300E and an 6-cylinder-Audi competed against each other and both were praised up and down. Taken alone, that was fine, but wordlessly lamented the Tuboloch of a much brisker AEROS, who was allegedly powerless below 3000 rpm.

    If he had participated in the comparison and the measured values ​​had not been separated somewhere else in the booklet, the better pulling values ​​of the Saab would have clearly belied the "objective" testers for everyone.

    His small market shares in Germany, Saab also thanks to the local motor journalism. Quite similar in Great Britain.

  • The fact that the look into the SAAB future is so timid is of course related to the appearance of the new owners - the upcoming international SAAB meeting in Trollhättan should finally lead to a positive view of things.

    The new press spokesman at SAAB may like to get involved in this big event!

    Sunny greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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