SAAB News. Leather interior kit for the Saab 9-3.

For a long time, the leather interior kit for the Saab 9-3 sold out at Hirsch Perfomance. Too bad. Because the fans love it, and a Saab 9-3 with leather-covered door handles, handbrake lever and smart slot cover just feels better and more valuable. But there is good news. Because there are Saab partners who are still there with great commitment to the cult brand.

Leather door handles in the Saab 9-3
Leather door handles in the Saab 9-3

The leather kit can now be ordered again. It is newly produced - by the traditional Hirsch Performance supplier. This clarifies the question of quality, which has always been good, in advance. The delivery takes place, now the real surprise comes, not as usual via the Swiss Saab specialists. Because not deer, but Saab Stefan in Vienenburg, Saab partner since 1980, has a heart for the fans and has commissioned the first batch of the new edition. The prices are roughly on the known level. The delivery, I was promised, is "free delivery". There are no additional postage costs. A fair move. Two variants are currently available.

Saab 9-3 Sedan and SportCombi:

Door handles (4 x), handbrake lever, smart slot, leather: 390, - Euro

Saab 9-3 Cabriolet:

Door Handles (2x), Handbrake Lever, Smart Slot, Leather: 330, - Euro

How much the leather kit enhances the interior, we have at our 9-3 1.8t sportswear experience. He has the leather door handles, but unfortunately not (yet) the handbrake lever and the Smartslot cover. The vehicle just feels more valuable. The feel can not be compared. The only thing missing is the dashboards made of leather. Currently, no new production is planned, but if demand is right, a new edition is also possible here.

The leather interior kit for the Saab 9-3 can be ordered now. The contact person at Saab Stefan is Mr. Elmar Valentin (Mail: Telephone: 05324 - 4034.



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    I would also like to order, but the following question: Can I make the assembly myself as a layman? If not, how long does my Saab workshop need?
    Thank you very much

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      Door handles and Smartslot are easy to install. Only the handbrake is a bit tricky and needs, felt, three hands. The workshop will probably estimate an hour's work.

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        I have checked once again: I have only two hands, so it will probably get the workshop
        Nevertheless, thanks for the quick reaction and a lot of fun in Sweden (I would have liked to ride with you)

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    Long searched never found now ordered! Great and thank you Stephan. Greetings from Lengede


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    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our favorite brand. I just ordered the leather kit for my Cab.
    Beautiful Pentecost and greetings from Hanover,


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    a good start, hopefully more will come ...

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    I can only report the best from the dealership Stephan. I bought my Saab Cabrio there 2,5 years ago. Mr. Valentiin helped me get the last deer parts. After that, you could no longer be ordered from Hirsch. Even parts that were taken care of were installed there (of course for a reasonable fee). This is not a matter of course !!! Anyone who now has these parts and would like to have them installed is in good hands there.
    Some Saab accessories (not just deer) can also be ordered from ANA in Sweden. The shipping costs are about 100 Euro. The communication is unfortunately only in Swedish or English. On ANA I came through the Saab blog.

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    Would be interested in a leather upholstery with HUD for the 95 NG too !!

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    Wonderful ! I already ordered. A big thank you to everyone, from the idea to the publication.

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    Can Saab Stefan also offer the leather kit for the Saab 9-5 NG?
    This with the HUD is no longer available with the deer.

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      The interior kit for the 9-3 is currently the only product. If something comes for the 9-5 NG, we will report.

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      We have to stick together to do a new production
      STephane Carnein

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    Thank you!
    I've asked Hirsch a number of times and have made representations to other English satellites.
    As a deadline I had set myself July and now this happy news!

    I love you. My Saab gets today after the usual pats the message whispered behind the outside mirror.

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