SAAB News. Dirty nachspiel.

Since yesterday, the former Saab CEO Jan Ake Jonsson, the chief lawyer Kristina Geers and the former CFO Karl Lindström have been questioned by the public prosecutor. Spyker's offices were raided this morning. The dirty part of the Saab aftermath has begun. A friend who knows Sweden and the legal and tax system there better than me has summarized the facts for us. He writes:

According to Swedish press reports, three former Saab Automotive executives are suspected of having made tax controls difficult. They were interrogated on Whit Monday. Two of them have been provisionally arrested, including former Legal Director Kristina Geers. She was a member of the company's executive board during the period of allegations. Her lawyer dismisses the allegations as "completely out of thin air".

Preliminary arrests were made by Chief Prosecutor Olof Sahlgren to prevent collusion between the accused. The allegations relate to "accounting measures" punishable by up to four years imprisonment

The Swedish tax authority "Skatteverket" had warned the public prosecutor's office last May about the possible violations of the law.

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  • Even today the local regional newspaper was worth a message in the business section. Let's hope that there will soon be other news in the car section!

  • The readers' reactions in Swedish newspapers are sometimes frightening because they are spiteful. And the fact that Kristina Geers was arrested on the street in Uddevalla is under fire. I cannot evaluate what happened or the allegations, but I can hardly imagine that a wife - she is married to Erik Geers, former press spokesman for Saab, now press spokesman for Qoros - and mother of 2 children will abandon her family and evaporates. You could have called in to clarify the allegations.
    Significantly, all three defendants were released this afternoon, but the prosecution emphasizes that the suspicion persists.
    The role of Victor Muller in this game is now still opaque, Dagens Industri asks if he has been duped or into the affair (Härva) is involved. This very phrase, for me, equates to a prejudice of the three accused, namely the prejudice of the country's leading business newspaper.
    I stay on the ball.

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      Thanks for the update! Sweden is sometimes a strange country, right?

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    First, the bureaucrats and others from the GM pull over the table and now a supposedly guilty party is sought.Sweden and his bureaucracy.
    Otherwise, a beautiful country and nice people. (About 20 years Sweden experience)


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    It remains a mystery why this issue comes up so late and precisely at this point in time - hopefully just another awkwardness of the Swedish state apparatus and nothing more.

    It is now time that positive messages from SAAB put the negative headlines of the past in the shade!

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    This is sad news but also results from the past. SAAB has negative headlines again which is not good for the brand. Positive messages from Sweden would be welcome!

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