Saab photo. A Saab picture and its story.

A Saab 9-5 II on a car carrier. Not really exciting, the beautiful Sweden sedan would not have its own little story. What we see is a Saab 9-5 II with four-wheel drive and full 300 PS. The Swede is one of the rare vehicles from the model year 2012, which never went into production.

Saab 9-5 II model year 2012 on car transporter
Saab 9-5 II model year 2012 on car transporter

At the first big Saab auction in Sweden last year, for whatever reason, the Saab was not sold. At the next auction for collectible vehicles, the 9-5 was back, this time a friend from Germany wanted to buy the big Saab. Although he already has an 9-5 from the model year 2011, but the auction object would have been something like an upgrade for him. He was outbid, and the Saab should then go to a well-known Saab speculator in Holland. Should ! We do not know the details, but he stopped for the second time on the gravel place in Sweden.

All good attempts are probably three, and a few weeks later the vehicle came again to the call. My friend was back, he was outbid again. Which may not be so tragic. Because if successful, he would have to look for a buyer for his 9-5 from the model year 2011. Which in turn would have gotten me in trouble, because the 2011er is one of the elegant vehicles that I like a lot and around which I make my rounds with every visit.

Everything went well in the third attempt. The Saab was picked up in Sweden and traveled through Germany last week. Not to Holland and not to the Dutch Saab speculator. The new home is the Czech Republic, and the Saab becomes true friends of the brand there. With that the story has come to a happy end.



4 thoughts on "Saab photo. A Saab picture and its story."

  • Odoardo Gray was really cool ... .. never forget my 1989 900 Aero

  • I would rather keep that as Peppercorn Metallic

  • But the color is already excellent - reminds me of my former 900 GLE. The tone of the paint job was almost identical to that of the 9-5 sedan pictured - in the 80 years, this was called "anthracite".

    Also from here always good trip!

  • EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD, AND IF "IT" IS NOT GOOD, IT IS NOT DONE! Once again the sentence speaks for itself! My congratulations go to the new owner and hope for ALL TIME "accident-free ride"! Maybe there will soon be a reunion in Trollhättan ....

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