SAAB pictures. Saab model year 2012 in Kiel.

Saab Service Kiel is developing into a center for the second series Saab 9-5. Not only for the model year 2012, that in the Car dealership Lafrentz made fit for the road with Swedish cooperation. Also Saab drivers from the southern parts of Germany take a long journey to Kiel in order to keep their vehicles there waiting. Well over half a dozen 2012 vehicles are currently in the far north, and there are one-offs that could fuel the discussion on the missed Saab future.

9-5 sportswear Aero TTID
9-5 sportswear Aero TTID

A gap in the model program would have been closed with the vintage 2012. The two abbreviations TTID4 and XWD had not been combinable until then. The strong Saab Diesel was always a compulsive front-wheel drive, which not only I did not understand. XWD and diesel make sense, our dealer's 9-5 NG sports trolley combination already had this combination and was equipped with Saab eLSD. Four-wheel drive, driving fun and low consumption for the new model year. The 9-5 II would have become interesting for business travelers.

There is still something in Kiel that would probably have been realized in this model year. A black 9-5 II sedan with automatic start / stop. One more detail that shows how development was carried out in Trollhättan until the bitter, provisional end. Back then, Saab lacked the time factor in addition to financial opportunities. If all of these features had been available when the 2010 model series was launched, sales would have developed better.

But that is past, and it is useless to dwell on that thought. In Sweden, they are working on the exciting future, and at the Saab Festival in Trollhättan it could be that the curtain is aired to a small extent. We are patient, as always. In a few days we will be smarter.


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  • 9-5II TTiD XWD Aero sports suit, everything could have been so nice ...... I'm looking forward to the communication from NEVS at the festival in Trollhättan!
    A pity, I'm not there. Looking forward to exciting blog posts!
    Kind regards

    • Where you are, of course, right. From mj. 2011.

  • Herbert, we know what you mean. But there is hope for a future in Sweden.

    • Yes, one can be curious again ...

      But before I started hoping for a resurrection of the 9-5 II, I would need a few more characters from Sweden. At the moment, I am patient and happy when it continues there (with what and in whatever order).

  • By far the most beautiful station wagon that I know. A dream car and with AWD one with a dream drive too. Everything could have turned out well with the Saab brand if, if and if ...

    ... if you know what I mean?

    • We drive a station wagon because we have to. When I brought home a flyer of the upcoming 9-5 II, it quickly became clear to us that we were going to buy a station wagon because we wanted it! I've never seen my girlfriend and I see a station wagon and they both said "this is my car". Unfortunately nothing more came of it.

  • Again and again cool cars that warm the heart!

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