SAAB Festival Trollhattan. The countdown is running.

In exactly one week from 15: 00 watch the Saab fans meet in Kiel at the car dealership Lafrentz to start together in the direction of Sweden. The countdown is on and while keen attention is still being paid to details in Kiel, we are almost in the green here in Frankfurt. The individual rally plates for the participants and the Saab rally cups are now ready.

Saab Tour Kiel Trollhattan. Saab cup, rally plate, name tag.
Saab Tour Kiel Trollhattan. Saab cup, rally plate, name tag.

For each participant registered until the registration deadline, there is a matching name tag, with Saab logo and Saab Lanyard. Yesterday I was briefly in Eschborn at the German branch of the Saab Parts AB, which actively supports the event. There were other nice, satanic details for the Welcome Package, which is now perfect. What exactly we packed into it, the fans in Kiel learn.

In the meantime it seems that our little stopover on the way to the Saab Festival in Trollhättan does not stay that small anymore. In the proverbial last second more vehicles have announced, and quite a few fans of the cult brand want Saab Service Kiel drop by, just to be there. All this sounds like a lot of Saab Spirit, which is stronger in Germany than ever. And after a good decision. Because on the grounds of Saab Service Kiel vehicles will be gathered, which are rarely seen together in one place. Another week, then it's time!

See you in Kiel! I'm looking forward to!



4 thoughts on "SAAB Festival Trollhattan. The countdown is running."

  • Then I wish you all a good and interesting journey. Will certainly be quite full in Kiel and Trollhättan. I'll try it at a quieter time.

  • hey, have fun! I would love to be there too - unfortunately, I'm too busy ... eat a crispbread for me with 😉

  • See you, but in Trollhättan!

  • You can get really jealous that you are not there. Unfortunately, I'm 1,5 weeks "late", but I'm already looking forward to traveling to the Saab Museum and the vastness of Lapland with my Saab.

    I wish all participants a great Saab festival and

    ha det så kul!

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