SAAB News. Meanwhile in Trollhättan ...

Sweden had its Saab scandal this week. Three former managers were interrogated, arrested on short notice, then released. Meanwhile, Kristina Geers, former Saab chief lawyer, commented on Saabsunited on what I believe to be the improper actions of the tax authorities. Former Saab blogger Swade wrote about “The Real Saab” on his blog. This actually says everything that could be said at the present time. Because it is not really an issue worth dealing with more.

News from Trollhattan
News from Trollhattan

Reviewing the past may be of interest to the tax administration and business journalists. But this is an auto blog, and I'm more interested in the future of the brand. And just there seems to be a lot to do.

If you look at the job advertisements of Saab 2.0 from time to time, you wonder how long you can still hold the lid on the famous pot in Trollhättan. 20 recruiting posts have been put out to tender over the last few days, and if I count correctly, then this year around 60 will have new jobs at Saab 2.0. You do not have to be a clairvoyant for interpretation. Most of these jobs make sense only when you are close to production and have a basically finished product in the back of your hand.

In addition, there are new positions for consultants and the orders that are now increasingly going to external service providers in Trollhättan. Yesterday it was time again. Another service provider, Techroi Fuelsystems, is developing a tank system for Saab 2.0. In addition to Bengtsfors, the company has also had a base in Trollhättan for some time and operates a prototype laboratory there. The technology itself comes from “old” Saab times, and on the Techroi homepage you can find a picture of the new tank system, published with the permission of NEVS.

Everything seems to be on the right track. It is only a matter of time before the curtain rises. It could be that NEVS will use the festival in Trollhättan as a stage for it. Because what friends say in Trollhättan ... it all sounds very good! We will probably get more facts soon and finally something to see. As a friend wrote to me yesterday, it will be “100% GM free”. I've been waiting for such an email for a long time! If that doesn't sound good!


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  • I do not know if anyone reads this now. But the Volvo C30 is a very good vehicle and drives like a big midsize car. At least as a rental car through half of Scandinavia. Unfortunately, Saab did not rent.

  • Both would be nice. In my household there is a small car (“forced” not a Swede but a German) and a 9-5 SC. In-between sizes are completely uninteresting for us ...

    Unfortunately, because the message is of course good and still exciting. What will be revealed soon?
    One may expect a Saab 2.0 9-3 II, but the GM-free and unknown details (engine, etc.) keep my curiosity high.

  • I also see more opportunities. The time of the big boxes is over at some point, what a small, compact would be announced.

  • Think in the small car segment to bring what would be good. Since the Swedes are far behind. From volvo there is not really something there.

  • It doesn't matter, the main thing is a combination and a “real” SAAB! 😉

  • The 9-5 II will not have a chance to be reissued. But the future is open and does not look bad.

  • That’s good news! Keep it up! The festival will be exciting….
    Today I saw a 9-5 II with red license plate (LG) in Lüneburg! Finally, this elegant limo is also available here!

  • Yes, know the problems synonymous, my 9-5 station wagon is now at 235000 km and had no significant
    Repairs but still appear now and then small aches and pains, but which car you should
    Dodge, have not found anything, so we are waiting for positive news
    Sweden ……………

  • It's similar for us - TÜV or the DEKRA inspection is only in April, but with almost 240.000 km of mileage (without major repairs worth mentioning!), Various seals such as z. B. the Simmerring to the drive train, etc. as in need of renewal.

    However, if you find out which problems are already occurring with comparable vehicles from other brands well below 100.000 km, we will be happy to wait a little longer for the “replenishment” from Trollhättan!

  • My friend is sure that you can order again from autumn

  • Well then ... curtain up. The world needs new SAABs.

  • Nice to hear that something is moving.

    Unfortunately, more and more “little things” appear on my old station wagon.
    (At the end of the year, that could be a little more expensive than usual for the TÜV ...) 🙁

    And that's why I keep catching myself thinking about "replacement" ...

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