Project Silver Aero. Driving report.

The final part of our restoration story is about how our Saab 9-3 Aero beats in the wild. We were traveling with him, our way led to Essen. This is the story for the time being finished, but the Saab remains in our fleet and will appear again and again on our Youngtimer Blog.

Saab Project: Silver Aero
Saab Project: Silver Aero

Are the topics going out now? No, because we have prepared! So it does not get boring, there are new projects that are in the early stages. With one of them is from the Youngtimer Blog also a vintage site, because the Swedish object is not so young. But very rare and very interesting. In the next few days I'll tell you what it's all about.

The one Saab we're writing about is silver again. The other one doesn't. The project name for this is: “The yellow danger”. It remains exciting and interesting.

Click here for our driving report on the Saab Youngtimer Blog.



10 thoughts on "Project Silver Aero. Driving report."

  • A friction tester?

  • Now I have it: a Rinspeed-900. It's at least as rare as a sonnet, and always a yellow danger 😉

    But I think the resolution comes soon enough.

  • A yellow sonnet, perhaps? The rarity would fit ...

  • Hmm, Matthias, I've already thought about it. I think that would look good.

  • ... very nice car. What else I would do: door handles in body color

    Best regards!


  • Not yet, the property is older. But “yellow” remains my goal ... 😉

  • Nice car!

    I think that the car still does not look old-fashioned in traffic today. But on the contrary!
    I find the sporty, agile and modern (and other manufacturers currently seem to rediscover the hatchback as a particularly sporty and extra expensive variant)! 😉

  • oh, a yellow mellow in sight ???

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