200 Saab R900 are on the road on the Nürburgring

In February we almost forgot about the Saab R900 written in Upper Franconia. The story had a happy ending, because the Saab got a good new home. The current owner (unfortunately) does not come from the Saab scene, but does not want to withhold the R900 from the Saab community in the future.

Saab 900 R Turbo 1996 at the Nürburgring
Saab 900 R Turbo 1996 at the Nürburgring

A meeting with 200 Saabs in 1994 with the following Saab parade. Incredible! If you look closely, you will see some Saab fans who are still active in the scene today, almost 20 years later and aged insignificantly. Saab celebrities from Sweden were there at the time.

Saab legend Erik Carlsson is at the wheel of a Sonett, his co-driver is the very young Peter Bäckström.

At that time, Bäckström was still working in the Saab development department and is considered the father of the Saab Sensonic. We can meet both of them in Trollhättan on Saturday. Erik Carlsson wants to be at the festival, and Peter Bäckström is now the curator of the Saab Bilmuseum.

The Saab brand doesn't let go of anyone. What are 20 years now?

3 thoughts on "200 Saab R900 are on the road on the Nürburgring"

  • Hello Mr. Kaufmann,

    I just set up said Saab 900R, is it possible to get a copy of your video, or to digitize the film?
    My email address is j.grobusch@t-online.de

  • From the 24h race in 1995 I have a private video of one of the mechanics who was working on the 900R at the time. And who had to “fight back” against the Abbott guys because they believed that the engine would also handle considerably more boost pressure. 🙂 In fact it was the transmission that caused problems, not the engine ...

  • Hello

    Nice that the 900 R came back into nursing hands.
    Will he be on the Nordschleife again in the future?
    I think you could also persuade the Volker Strycek to drive.

    The last time a SAAB participated in the 24 hours race was 2004.
    I find it a pity every year that no car of my Lirblings brand is there.
    With that you could show that the SAAB still lives.

    Does anyone know where the two 9000er remained from the video?

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