SAAB News. Wild times.

Sweden's automotive industry is experiencing turbulent moments. The flood of articles in the last few days was more than the rushing in the forest of leaves. There's a lot of movement at Volvo and Saab, and it's hard to keep track. Ostensibly, the tax affair surrounding former Saab CEO Victor Muller dominates the media landscape.

Saab plant Trollhattan
Saab plant Trollhattan

Meanwhile, the crackdown on prosecutors in the criticism. The action of chief prosecutors, reminiscent of a Wild West scenario, is considered completely overdone and irresponsible Olof Sahlgren called. He wants to subpoena other participants, such as the union representatives from Trollhättan. He is condemned to success by his advance in all media. The sum to be taken seems to be relativized by now. Swedish media speak, unconfirmed, of less than 25.000 euros, which should be withheld from social contributions to the state.

These stories will make you smile wearily at Volvo. More serious is the ever faster rotating staff carousel from the other Swedish brand. Since October 2012, top managers number four and five have left the ship. Surprisingly, purchasing manager Alex Maschka has now left the Gothenburg group. Just a week after he explained the purchasing strategy he had developed at the Stuttgart Automobile Forum. At the same time, Doug Speck, vice president of marketing and sales, leaves. Two tough cuts, and especially the departure of Alex Maschka, is a setback for the group restructuring. So far, Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson has not managed to bring continuity to the company. The situation in Gothenburg remains turbulent.

In this whole wave of information, an article about Saab 2.0 almost got lost in the last week. Dagens Industri, currently busy writing about Victor Muller and tax history, found the time on Friday to write a different kind of Saab article. NEVS is looking for staff, and - now hold on to it - “there is a possibility that the factory will soon be up and running again after more than two years of downtime”. Strange but true. Sweden's leading business newspaper, known as Saab, has written so positively about our brand in recent days.

Since it is time, that one refills and comes from Trollhättan a message from official side. From well 1.200 kilometers away, you can only watch what's happening there right now. But it seems that you will have something to say very soon. There is a lot of media interest and the press office of NEVS has a lot to do. The diary next Thursday and Friday seems very busy. Journalists get, if at all, only dates with a tight time corset. That's why some press representatives have put their date to the week after the Saab event, where more time is available. It will be incorrect to link the increased visitor frequency at NEVS with the festival. The international event in Trollhättan is a show primarily for the fans. So it may be that you have to communicate something of importance in the next few days. The times are wild! But also exciting!



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  • The 9-5 probably went into production.
    Somehow this statement of an Opel manager comes to my attention. I think in 2012 he already said it (or is this article not brand new).

  • Maybe a break like that is not bad at all. Meanwhile, a typhoon has been blown by the auto industry and several factories have been closed, such as those in Antwerp, Genk, Bochum, Aulnay, or rededicated (Nedcar). This could mitigate the overproduction and possibly also give Saab a chance, if necessary also for external orders, as Magna does.

    I just stumbled upon it by accident:

    “So sedans of the upper middle class should roll off the assembly line on a comprehensive platform that already exists. A platform on the basis of which the Opel Insignia would roll off the assembly line would come into question.

    “The platform can be extended upwards. Among other things, it should be the basis for a larger Saab model that was no longer in series production, ”an Opel manager told the newspaper. A major problem with PSA is the lack of large models that can be sold with good margins, according to the newspaper. "

  • Regarding “News from NEVS”, this can be found in the Saab Festival program:

    Sunday: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Seminar at the museum - “NEVS - Our future” with Mattias Bergman.

    I think they will learn new things about NEVS plans there.

  • Would NEVS / SAAB also be slow after one year!

  • Maybe the 2 from Volvo want to Saab….

  • The circumstantial situation is clear, at Festval it will hardly be. Clearly, NEVS is brooding on good NEVS 😉

  • Good SAAB takes a while .... Hopefully the “right” news will come soon! Information week seems to have dawned! Gladly more positive NEVS!

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