SAAB 9-5 II. Interiors Kit Meshed Metallic.

It just looks better, feels better. The interior of a Saab 9-5 II, upgraded with an interior kit in "meshed metallic" from the 2012 model year, is more elegant. The Saab is more upper class, the interior is where it should have been from the start. The great Swede is just more fun.

Superclass: Saab 9-5 II Sports Suit with Kit.
Superclass: Saab 9-5 II Sports Suit with Kit.

Anyone who wanted to upgrade their Saab 9-5 II so far had a problem. The nappa leather kit at Hirsch Performance - sold out. The original Saab Meshed Metallic Kit? Like so much from Trollhättan that we wanted, never went into series. After a long preparation, the solution is now there. The first series of the seven-part interior kit was launched with great commitment from various sides. The manufacturer is the original supplier of Saab Automobile AB, the distribution takes place exclusively through the Saab base in Kiel, the Car dealership Lafrentz.

Compared to the leather retrofit solution, the kit originally produced for the model 2012 series offers the precision of the series. An advantage, because in detail, the functionality of all controls is retained, which was not the case with the Hirsch performance solution to 100%. The first edition is now almost completely installed in vehicles, a few copies are still available. The second edition is in preparation.

The contact person for the kit - something that you absolutely have to have in the 9-5 II in my opinion - is Markus Lafrentz. The price of € 849,00 for the seven-part set is okay. The retrofitting itself is time-consuming, initial experience shows that a workshop has to schedule four hours here. A 9-5 sports suit with the upgraded interior is owned by the dealership and will also be on site at the Saab Festival in Trollhättan.



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    Looks good, but I'm still waiting for the green acrylic fairing that was featured in the 9-4x and 9-5x prototypes.

    That was a real breakthrough in interior design for me, which has massively changed my view of things. Since that time wood, leather or carbon stuff is just old fashioned and kitsch for me.

    Stupidly, I would need that even for a 9 5 I

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    Lafrenz apparently also plans something similar for the 9.3!
    Super ... want to have ... 🙂

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      If there is something for the convertible Bj. 2009, I would be glad about an info.
      Thank you very much

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    Absolutely cool!
    Hopefully you can also send the interior kit to Switzerland.
    Have been looking for something like that since I have my darling 9-5 II V6 (Jan.2013).
    This is the ideal consolation, as I would also like to go to the SAAB festival, but 3500 km back and forth, within 3 days?
    Even crazy for me ...
    Have fun at the festival !!
    And thanks for this wonderful blog, thanks Tom

    PS: Without your blog I probably wouldn't have bought a 9-5 II ...
    Greetings from Herisau

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    So with working hours we would then be in the range of 1200 euros ... for the quality and the optics, that's absolutely fine.

    Too bad that there is no such thing for the 9-5 of the old series (1998) 🙁

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    Will contact Mr. Markus Lafrentz. I've been looking for this retrofit solution for so long.
    Thanks Tom.

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    Brief comment on the statement concerning the lack of operability with the Hirsch-Performance solution. I have been using these in my 1-1 II since 2 9 / 5 years, in the carbon leather version. Shortly after the installation, I had concerns about the usability, but fortunately these concerns did not come true. But the look and feel is much better than in the original state.

    Greetings from Zurich

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