Rearview mirror. Turbo fortress Saab factory.

The driveway to the main gate was re-tarred, the green areas were partially redesigned. Anyone who knows the Saab factory from the past will see the changes in Trollhättan at first glance. In the past few years, GM has only invested what was necessary to keep operations running and then nothing at all under Spyker, the current activities are tangible and visible.

Saab factory - new fence
Saab plant - new fence

If some things can still be classified as cosmetic surgery, other improvements in the area of ​​safety must be sought. New fences, privacy screens in the lines of sight and - for the first time in many, many years - a completely opaque space for the test and inspection vehicles. The access to the test track and the north gate can now be completely blocked by two barriers. Saab 2.0 closes, that's clear. So far, the issue of security has been handled more “liberally”. Those days are over !

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

In recent years, one could, if you had it on it, look around relatively easily in some parts of the business. A new access system, which probably meets the new security requirements, puts an end to this. NEVS invests a lot of money, and only someone who wants to settle for a long time in Sweden will do so. Currently, 150 is creating new jobs directly at Saab 2.0 and, as you can be sure, more at the companies that have their home in the haze of the plant.

The Saab Parts AB branch moved months ago from the north gate into the technology area, where it employs 50 distribution and engineering specialists, some of whom work for NEVS. In the core area of ​​the plant, NEVS is alone, because Vicura and Semcon are also at home in adjacent technology complexes. This guarantees short distances and a close connection, almost across the parking lot, to Saab 2.0. Who wonders if the old Saab mind is still alive, gets a positive answer. More than 70% of the previous Saab engineers are still working in the plant's catchment area, mostly directly or indirectly for Saab 2.0.

The new edition of the brand goes its way and works on nothing more exciting than the rebirth of a legend. It's clear that you will not be able to set any records with the production of the classic 9-3 or win comparative tests. That's not what I was talking about. The brand should be revived, should show presence. The dealer network should be protected and secured against the threat of erosion. What happens behind the fortress walls therefore makes sense. The restart with the Saab 9-3 as a classic is not a romantic, but a logical thing. Because nothing is worse than a cold, dead car factory. The production of the 9-3 in realistic low volume in single-shift operation is the first step. A finger exercise to keep you warm before it gets really serious. With a proven production team, the introduction of the successor, based on the Phoenix platform, the ensuing bang.

In autumn it should be ready. The tapes should run, the first cars roll on the markets. Electric cars from Trollhättan then go mostly to China. Lower volumes remain with us, which will certainly do the image of the Swedish brand as an innovative, small manufacturer. Conventional drive vehicles are likely to remain in Europe and the US. Which engines will be under the hood, is a big mystery. A few weeks ago appeared in Trollhattan suddenly and only for a brief moment unusually talkative. But only very briefly, then the drawbridge was pulled up again before essential things came out.

Nothing is currently penetrating the thick walls, and speculation has accordingly blossomed at the festival in the past few days. A few examples: The old Saab engines are coming back. Unlikely, because it does not achieve the applicable exhaust gas values. Engines from japan? Probably not, the next guess is more realistic. The most credible rumor has it that the engines for the classic 9-3 come from a European manufacturer. The origin is not really important at the moment. It is crucial that the new owners stand by Saab DNA, which they have insured several times. Saab has a long tradition with third-party engines, and if the turbo under the hood is fun to drive and fits the brand - why not?

If you listen carefully, you notice that the language has changed slightly. Months ago, it was called a turbo engine. Now we speak of engines, and it can be assumed that the fraction of diesel pilots is served as well as the gasoline fraction.

So far, everything has been done right behind the fences of the Saab factory. Even if less - than we, the fans, hoped - gets out. Saab 2.0 invests a lot of money in the factory and in the future of the brand. Long term, it seems. Autumn begins on September 22nd. The Swedish summer vacation will be history for a month, maybe also the long period of patience. The new start of the cult brand could be a unique, exciting story!



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    For the diesels Fiat is still 8-9000 rum, as I have recently read. I suspect they are also used. And even with gasoline Fiat could jump in. It will not necessarily be BMW. Although that would make sense in the preplanning.

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      That would first simplify the parts logistics as long as the current basic body is still used. So far I am quite satisfied with my “Italian” Bj 2011, but does it meet the current emission limits?

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    Start in the fall 2013? Saab will only go into production when there are orders. Orders come from customers. Customers want to know what they are ordering and when they get the product. So far, I've read nowhere that any prospectus of any Saab new vehicle to buy / order in the foreseeable future has appeared on any markets (Tom, is there anything to learn?). Not to mention delivery times. I think that therefore at the earliest 2014 serious movement in a production comes (before perhaps 0 series for test and propaganda purposes).
    But I'm also curious ...

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      First and foremost, you have to produce a basic stock for the markets you want to supply. In earlier times, the “base camp” was already several 1000 vehicles. Prices / brochures / dealer contracts (!) Are conceivable from autumn 2013, delivery to customers from the beginning of 2014. There are many open questions and autumn will be very exciting. That is as an assessment of the situation.

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    Super contribution! I think the “battered” SAAB soul needs such positive reports. Thanks Tom !! The next weeks and months will be exciting. Everything will be fine !?!?

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    THANK YOU for the once again good (factual) optimistic article! Although the summer is z. Currently in front of the door / window ... but the anticipation for autumn is there too !!!
    Anyway, you can ONLY start with a turbo !!! So, let's wait for late summer / autumn….

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    Quote: So far, the issue of security has been handled more "liberally". Those days are over!

    That is encouraging. A (positive) surprise would not be a surprise if everyone looked over their shoulder while preparing ...

    ... although surprise may mean “only” rebirth of the 9-3 (unfortunately too small for me).
    After all, a start!

    Quote: Whoever listens very carefully, (...)

    Well, it is now much worth mentioning, if somewhere a classic naturally aspirated engine is installed. Who says turbo today (whether diesel or gasoline), if he can not even say bi or tri-to?

    In the word engine without additives I would not even interpret too much. Anyway, I'll bet on BMW and that connection would make me happy.

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    I thank Tom for this contribution - factual and as far as possible well-founded and also optimistic. It's about the future. Keep it up! I find that more exciting than reports on the repair of older cars.

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      It is certainly more exciting, but “old” cars are part of it!

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        And repairing older models can also be fun - if not during the repair, then at least afterwards, when a repair has been successfully completed.

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    Thanks for the article! For me, he underlines the seriousness of NEVS at SAAB! Confidence is growing 🙂

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    The "investment in the point of view" is slowly making me more and more confident! Very beautiful! 🙂

    Unfortunately, a 9-3 (as nice as I think it {except for the taillights} actually) is not a car for me or actually “part of the family” (for reasons of space in “2nd row”).

    Hmmm, hopefully the “relaunch” will be so successful that a whole new car (with a little more space in the interior) will follow soon.

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      Everything is possible on the Phoenix platform, including a Saab with more interior space!

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        Right. Mattias Bergman also said it in the NEVS lecture: “We've bought the PhoeniX plaftorm and consider it as an important part”.

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        Hi Tom!
        Are you still alive?
        I look for a sign of life every day ...... but nothing !? 😉

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