Blog intern. Back at the desk.

The voice is finally back, even if it still sounds a little - let's say - smoky! Back in real life and back to an overcrowded desk. When the most urgent things have been clarified, the Saab blog will continue. We haven't missed much, because the Swedes are heading towards Midsommar on national holidays and princess weddings and thus into the holidays.

Saab 9-5 II taxi in Eschborn rush hour traffic
Saab 9-5 II taxi in Eschborn rush hour traffic

For six weeks it will (presumably) be quiet around Saab, unless some Saab story has to fill the media summer hole in Sweden, as it did last year. From the Saab homeland itself there is a lot to report, a lot is positive, but not everything. Before we turn our eyes to the north tomorrow, here are some pictures from the region.

Saab 9-5 II taxi
Saab 9-5 II taxi

We did that for the first time a good year ago Saab taxi in Eschborn seen. An 9-5 II Aero makes its rounds there and, despite all the rumors, is not sponsored by the German branch of Saab Parts AB, A friend, he has been working for our cult brand for many years, has photographed the taxi on the way to his Eschborn workplace for us in rush hour. The Saab is still in use, and it would be interesting to know how many kilometers are on the meter.

The only question is how positively crazy Saab fans are. Saab driver photographs a Saab taxi on the way to work. This is spirit! That would certainly not happen to Mercedes drivers… 😉



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  • Hey! How nice that you are back on your feet! The voice will be fine ... I look forward to the new reports! These are addicting ... but pleasant and without side effects! And when I'm in Eschborn, I'll drive a taxi! Which one is clear ... Summer is finally here! Sunny (hot) greetings from the north!

  • Hi Tom,

    I'm glad that it continues here again! But take it easy!

  • There is surely a not so complicated way to actually get in touch with the driver or owner of the taxi: stop at taxi stands and ask colleagues, call a few companies in a circle, ... it's in / around Frankfurt It is common for the taxis to drive around without advertising, or can this be seen more as a sign of “I can afford to leave my car without stickers”?
    Mercedes drivers would then have to free the memory card of new pictures and the bumper of new scratches every day, because they are only fixed on taxis. But that also quickly gets boring - in contrast to the example shown above.

  • The answer to the question would also be interesting: How long does the 9-5II last? The Porsche Panamera, which has been driving around in Ffm for some time, has very short downtimes 🙂 - It's great that Tom is on the mend again!

  • I already had withdrawal symptoms! Welcome back!

  • Welcome to the desk Tom! I hope that the pent-up work is completed soon, for the benefit of the Saab community! :-)))

  • … After all, it is “healthier” than an advertisement for any brand of cigarettes….

  • That this comment had to come with the background was already clear, but so quickly ... Hmm. I wanted to retouch, but, hey, that's true Rhein-Main-Life.

  • By the way, completely forgotten ... nice to see you on your feet (or at the keyboard) again. And smoky voices are very popular with women 😀

  • Mercedes drivers are much too distracted - some assistant keeps beeping, ringing and flashing. Overtake an E-Class and pay close attention (so, more than in traffic anyway) - then you will see it in the rear-view mirror when it flashes, probably some blind spot assistant who draws attention to himself.

    But on the sidelines ... couldn't there be a nicer background for such a picture than an advertisement for an establishment for men? 😉

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