SAAB News. SAAB Museum auctions vehicles.

Two vehicles from the historic Saab collection in Trollhättan will be auctioned through the auction platform KVD. One of these collectibles is a rare Saab 96 V4 Monte Carlo, from prominent prior ownership. The first owner was Prince Bertil, Duke of Halland. The prince, who was the heir to the throne for several years, was an avowed Saab fan and drove many races under the code name Monsieur Adrian as a hobby racer. Of course on Saab!

Saab 96 V4 Monte Carlo
Saab 96 V4 Monte Carlo

The 1967 Monte Carlo has not been moved since 10 years and is therefore a restoration object that requires the usual work. Object number two is even more special, and the restoration of the 96 V4 should be a finger exercise.

The auction will feature an armored Saab 900 Finlandia sedan from the year 1979. With extended wheelbase, bulletproof glass and many enhanced safety-enhancing extras, the 900 is a real challenge. After description he is a pure object of restoration and thus a case for the total fan with a corresponding financial background.

Saab 900 "Safety Sedan"
Saab 900 "Safety Sedan"

The museum is thinning stocks, which is obvious. Already for the Saab Festival in Trollhättan parts came for sale. Not all fans like that and the mood was partly something, let's just say, tense. One thing is clear: the museum needs money to keep at least the largest part of the Saab collection in good condition. The depot is full of vehicles that need attention, and it's an illusion to believe that this task would be affordable in the current situation. Selling vehicles and parts whose historical value is not paramount is a viable option. Rather, a slightly smaller collection that can be maintained over the long term is considered a huge, non-financeable problem.

Trollhättan is not a rich city, which is clear in light of the recent past. A long-term show of strength for the museum is not to be expected from this direction, because there are more important construction sites. The Saab AB and other sponsors are giving out, but the budgets seem limited. It would be up to NEVS, as the legitimate heir and home of the brand, to send out a signal for the automotive past. But that's not the time to go to the investor, there's still time to do it, other things are more urgent.

The museum still lives on a lot of voluntary work, and that will probably remain so in the medium term. One year ago we had one Fundraiser started for the museum, which had brought more than 2.000,00 €. How about now, in the year 2013 with the donation readiness? If we want to support the museum again this year, is Saab solidarity boundless, or is it a Swedish matter that our Scandinavian friends should take care of themselves?

The opinion of the community decides whether we start an action or not. Here it goes to the vote:

Are we also donating 2013 to the Saab Museum?

  • Yes, the museum needs our help. (81% 236 Votes)
  • No, no further action. (12% 36 Votes)
  • I do not care. (7% 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 292

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11 thoughts too "SAAB News. SAAB Museum auctions vehicles."

  • 24. June 2013 at 10: 28 AM

    Whether NEVS is the true legacy of the SAAB brand will probably be seen first. So far, only lukewarm words came from this corner. That SAAB Museum deserves all the support we can give, in another fundraiser, we are with our modest means!

  • 24. June 2013 at 11: 46 AM

    I would not set this topic as pure black and white positioning.
    If NEVS starts the production you would be responsible for the story.
    If not, donations would be safe.
    But funding Saab 2.0's own history through donations might be a touchy subject ...

  • 24. June 2013 at 1: 19 PM

    Dear Tom,

    the budget of the museum is certainly not very lush and it makes perfect sense to separate from cars whose restoration would devour large sums. This is of course a pity, but secures (at least a little bit) the survival of the museum. Better caring for and maintaining the vehicles in the exhibition. I'm sure that alone is quite a big financial effort. Those who have several SAABs themselves can certainly understand that very well

    With the extremely low admission prices, a few t-shirts, cups and posters in the Mueseum is determined not synonymous taken what it would take to keep the entire collection in the long run. In vain there is no association and its many (untiring) volunteers. Incidentally, they did an incredibly great job at the SAAB Festival! Hats off!

  • 24. June 2013 at 4: 49 PM

    Hi Tom,

    I do not know how much to read each day here, but if each of them even, say, a small amount between 5, - comes to 10, - € that should make for a nice sum!?! The rest over sponsors and the result from the last year might be higher I think.

    LG Thomas

    • 24. June 2013 at 5: 00 PM

      If anyone who is reading would donate, then we would have a sensational contribution to the museum. We currently have, during these fairly quiet times, between 3.500 to 4.000 visitors a day, which is not bad. Every 5,00 € ...

  • 24. June 2013 at 8: 24 PM

    That should be done. I was delighted to see the last 9.3 in Trollhättan and to know that 50,00 Euro was also there for me to get the vehicle for the museum.

  • 25. June 2013 at 7: 18 AM

    What about the Förderverein? Interested parties could participate in the Saab Festival with an annual subscription from 200 SEK. Is there also a possibility to join somewhere on the Internet?

    • 25. June 2013 at 9: 36 AM

      Unfortunately, there are (so far) nothing on the net.

      • 26. June 2013 at 12: 01 AM

        An application to join the Foerderverein can be found here

  • 25. June 2013 at 10: 02 AM

    So far, somehow the impression has emerged that NEVS would like to take into account the history of SAAB automobiles and technology DNA but also design elements for new products should be included (would also be very useful).

    This includes the maintenance of the SAAB car museum. This should NEVS not only half-heartedly so marginally treated - of existing financial resources for the museum, I just go out.

    I would not object to additional flanking fundraisers.

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