Always sporty? Saab 9000 Rallye Clip 1991.

A short video can say a lot about how a brand sees itself. Today's after-work clip is only 30 seconds long, but it expresses a great deal about the Saab philosophy in the 90s. It was the time of the Saab 9000 and Saab 900. Fast turbo vehicles that wore the fur inside and that shaped the image of Saab in public.

Always sporty? Saab 9000 Rally Ad 1991
Always sporty? Saab 9000 Rally Ad 1991

A Saab is always sporty - this is the message the video conveys. A Saab is always practical too. Fold down the back seat, invite the sofa, and then chase down the slope and have fun. Whether unpaved Swedish roads or German motorways. Back then you didn't need SUV derivatives to get through everywhere. A well-made front-wheel drive was sufficient.

The concept seems to have worked out then. Saab 900 and Saab 9000 were not special promotions and were still purchased. If you look at the old price lists today, you get a shock what was called more than 20 years ago for the Swedish products.

But the product was right and so was the value offered. Even today, 20 years later, a Saab 9000 is an individual, intelligent, everyday solution. As the advertising film says so beautifully: We don't make compromises. We make Saabs. That's the way it is!


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  • Insert the 2x redbox and then show where the hammers are hanging

  • Since I'm looking forward to the field race in Bawinkel where we show with two Saab 9000 with 194 PS the people where the hammer hangs

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