SAAB News. Saab 9-5 sportswear in front of the factory.

One of the highlights during the Saab Festival was certainly the presence of the many Saab 9-5 II sports trolls in Trollhättan. Seven of the never-in-series vehicles gathered in front of the main gate on the last day of the festival. The pictures are rare documents and probably the constellation is unique.

Open: 7 by 27 Sportkombis in front of the main goal
Open: 7 by 27 Sportkombis in front of the main goal

The 9-5 II will not make a comeback under NEVS and is part of the Saab story. But the proud history of the cult brand is still very much alive and the spirit lives on with the fans. The 9-5 II sportswear now have one own page whose goal is to document the whereabouts of all vehicles produced by 27. The history of previously 25 Saab 9-5 II sportswear is now clear. Missing is the whereabouts of two vehicles. Maybe readers can help!

Dutch speculators have struck at the Saab auctions in Sweden, and there are still several sports combinations for sale there. With rich Aufpreisen that you can understand. One of our station wagon suitcases has also migrated to the Netherlands and is offered there for brave 75.000,00 Euro. An ambitious pricing and it will be exciting to watch the further development.

The service for the rare vehicles is now secured. With a lot of dedication, a sense for market niches and good relations to Sweden cares Saab Service Kiel around the station wagon. Almost always you can make the impossible possible. Also mega-rare spare parts have the Kieler in stock. A long car life is no longer in the way and the future looks good for the 27!


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    The Saab 9-5 II is a fine solid sport combination with a Swedish accent. I wonder if all 27 vehicles are tracked down. The high price level would deter me personally.
    Master Lott
    H. Pressel

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    What a g ... .. picture !! 🙂


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    27! One more to buy!
    Then I hope for the SuperDing of Lotto, which is played in Lower Saxony today.
    Also that with the side is great. Is it synonymous for the 9-4X!


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