Spotlight Trollhattan. The Bavarians come.

The vernacular seems to know exactly. Where there is smoke, there has to be a fire, or - applied to our situation - where there are many rumors, there will also be a truth somewhere. The BMW - Saab rumor has been around for a long time in Trollhättan, and probably there will be one or the other exciting truth about it in the next few years. Less spectacular, but for some Swedes exciting in the literal sense, are the current events, which are based on facts.

SAAB 9-5 Polis. Nightlife in Trollhattan. But ... in the future we will drive BMW!
SAAB 9-5 Polis. Nightlife in Trollhattan.
But ... in the future we will drive BMW!

The Bavarians are coming - from October at the ANA roundabout

The best place to sell cars in Trollhättan and to show your flag is the famous ANA roundabout. Once upon a time, ANA, historically a Saab daughter, was the largest Saab dealer in the world. A few months ago, they moved out of the striking E45 building. The rent claims of the GMAC Bank, here too, the Americans have done a great job in the past and real estate received down to the smallest detail, were simply too high.

Now ANA is coming back without Saab. From October 1st, BMW and Mini will be sold and serviced here. Apparently, BMW Sweden and ANA have a knack for drama. Because while the city in Trollhättan filled with Saab fans on May 31st, the first BMWs stood behind the mirrored windows and political celebrities from Trollhättan paid their respects to the BMW managers. Paul Akerlund, the mayor of the municipality, spoke of a “symbolism” and he is probably right. Even if I see his symbolism differently than he does.

In the city itself, there are certain emotions compared to the BMW presence, which is understandable and on the Internet, there were few friendly, slightly nationally inspired comments. But times are changing, ANA and Saab 2.0 have nothing in common anymore. The only question is, who in Trollhättan will sell the products from the Saab production in the future. A new showroom would be built quickly, there are still plenty of open spaces around the plant. Because the ANA roundabout is occupied by BMW and Mini and thus falls well. Unless what happened here is more than a coincidence. Because BMW feels in Trollhättan seemingly at home.

SÄPO and police drive - BMW

On the 31. May let it really crack BMW. In the future ANA Specialbilar will not only convert Bavarian motorcycles for police use. The Swedish police and the security police, Called Säpo, can in future rely on Munich technology. BMW of the 5er and 7er series as well as BMW X5 are converted in Trollhättan. After the abolition of Saab, the authorities had the choice between Volvo and Volkswagen. Only a few BMW are on the road in Sweden for the Säpo, including a X5 to protect the royal family.

This will change for the police now, but also casts a strange light on the future of Saab. The start of production is (seemingly) within reach, but you do not want to plan it with ANA. Or is it all part of a long-term plan? A friend said seriously that we will buy our next Saabs from the BMW dealer. I do not think so.



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  • I share concerns about GM's multi-brand traders, although I've had good experiences in the past, at least as long as the dedicated Saab master was employed there. And there are also glaring quality differences among the BMW dealers. I also had bad experiences with the big NL. I agree with Tom's opinion and would like to buy my Saabs from Saab dealers in the future as well. For this I take a further approach in purchase.

  • Buy the SAAB at a SAAB dealer - yes, that's probably our dream. But as it is with dreams: some come true, others don't. In any case, my experience with the local BMW dealer was miles better than that with the Opel dealership ...

  • I would most like to buy my Saab from Saab dealers, also in the future. Our Turbo X came from the BMW dealer, who did a great job. However, we already had two BMWs in the company fleet and the fact that these vehicles are a thing of the past lies only with the local BMW dealer. What's coming up here in the future is likely to be exciting.

  • Well, I would rather buy a SAAB from a BMW dealer than from an unmotivated Opel dealer, where I first have to walk through the Chev ... well, the Daewoo department to then get to the room with the SAAB models . And the employee then also draws a curse because I spurned these “cars”.

    Tom, does not one of your 9-3s not come from the stock of used cars of a BMW dealer?

    Access to a dealer network would be an important development for SAAB 2.0, and being integrated into an existing network will be much easier than acquiring new dealers and building dealerships. Both FIAT and BMW have well-developed infrastructures, with the economic situation of the BMW being better than FIAT's, which may report new losses on a regular basis.

  • No need to worry, there will be a solution if NEVS actually produces again. I don't really see any problem in Trollhättan now, as Joachim Lind, CEO of ANA, made publicly known very early on that he was available as a dealer for NEVS. And if not in the old roundabout property (it would be much too big anyway), then at the current location. I see the situation in Germany much more difficult.

  • Hi Tom,
    The word “still” in parentheses can mean a lot for the short or long foreseeable future.

    Because the vision of your friend is approaching that of the managerial Mr. Sergio Marchionne, whose future ideas of the larger vehicle manufacturers clearly emphasize, because they will slowly or quickly "eat up" the smaller ones, be it with good as well as bad ulterior motives!

    How BMW will then develop the austerity measures of the future sales strategy of each individual brand, BMW currently shows with MINI and other competing products in a similar direction!

    From this point of view, nothing surprises me these days. Because the “little word” BMW had already gained a foothold at Saab more than 1 year ago, although it was denied, but his background of interest probably had it back then.

    As sad as it sounds from my Saabist mouth, your vision of a friend will no longer surprise me commercially in the future ... unfortunately!

    We are always excited to read all your interesting blog reports, my compliments on.
    Greet Giampi

  • The decision of the police is understandable. There are no prospects for buyers.

    As a customer we have already expected 2006 instead of a new 9-5 model, the second facelift of an outdated platform. It was still a usable vehicle, I drive it yet.

    Then came the windy investors from the punch of an Antonov, then the big-mouthed gamblers and now the Chinese, who reveal nothing about their plans even though they seem to be close to production.

    Today the Wallenberg's send alms to the museum, are celebrated as benefactors and have long since invested the money they made with the sale to GM elsewhere.

    Usable products are not in sight or do you want to send in Europe a now also completely outdated 9-3 in the competition?

    Is there more anti-marketing?

    Based on the information available today, you can no longer make a decision for SAAB, whether 2.0 or whatever.

  • Let's hope that in the next few years in addition to the announced 9-3 models, a real new SAAB 9-5 (9-5 III) sees the light of day and thus averting a switch to another make of this class is avoidable.

    Still, in my eyes (unfortunately) does not stand out at all, which models we can expect.

    Due to the available Phönix platform, however, one should assume that the so-called upper middle class will be available again later - because information has already been given about this possibility (extensions due to the platform mentioned).

    A car made by Quandt would be incomprehensible to me for a variety of reasons!

  • There is nothing wrong with a BMW. In the summer on a dry road, such a thing drives quite pleasant. But the drivers with the gold chain, the tanned solarium, the white shoes and so terribly on!

  • Yes, the Swedish state power. She is still driving SAAB. We ourselves have decided to continue to drive SAAB. An upgrade is pending, newer MY, fewer miles. Preferred 2009 or 2010. The search for a 9-3 SC has begun and it will be exciting!

  • A great photo! Since my car is in Swedish state executive camouflage and with appropriate equipment.

    Nocturnal, urban and with the 9-5 SC of the Polis unmistakably Sweden, just as one knows and loves the country ... A really atmospheric picture.

    There comes sadness, because it is probably also a visual (time) document of a departing epoch.

    And there are questions. I wonder, for example, why as a (German) driver I should continue to try more or less convulsively to be more Swedish than the Swedes themselves?

    Still annoying I think the Swedish state, with orders and guarantees SAAB could have saved at a time when SAAB with the 9-5 II and the 9-4 X really had something really good to offer and could have started. The perfect vehicles for (Swedish) royal and official purposes.

    In the next few years I would like to have a 9-5 II SC as a replacement for my chrome glasses. If nothing compares to SAAB 2.0 and there is indeed nothing in sight, YES GOD MUCH, maybe it will actually become an 5 Touring?

    After all, you can not force this stubborn country to have an automobile industry. In this respect, I also have understanding for every (former SAAB) dealer who has reoriented himself. Be it in Sweden or elsewhere.

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