Sweden Weekend. Swedish metal vs. German techno.

Or Volvo V40 vs Mercedes A class. In the UK, the Gothenburg-based car maker is driving a cheeky, crazy campaign. The text is reminiscent of Saab Marketing in the past when the legendary Saab vs …… advertisements were still available. Since there is currently no media activity from Trollhättan, at least Volvo is bringing some fun to our Swedish-inspired automotive soul.

Volvo: German techno vs. Swedish Metal
Volvo: German techno vs. Swedish Metal

The advertisement comes from the current issue of Top Gear magazine and is immediately noticeable in the flood of advertisements of German premium brands.

Volvo pays the first installment, up to a maximum of £ 40, to the customer who, contrary to all possibilities, should buy an A-Class instead of the R-design V299. OK ! But who would prefer an A-Class to a Swedes? If you are a little more concerned with the V40, the thing may seem a bit saab. Which is right for him! The inspiration for the successful R-Design kit comes from the workshop of longtime Saab designer Einar Hareide, who was recently also allowed to lend a hand with the V60 plug-in hybrid. At Saab there were always opportunities to make the Swede look sportier. The TX kit for the 9-3, derived from the Turbo X design, was the latest option.

Without this blog becoming a Volvo blog, it would be clear to me which brand I would prefer. The Gothenburg would be my “Last Exit” if there was no longer a Saab with an acceptable mileage and age. And the A-Class would not really be on my shopping list. Volvo and Mercedes are still a topic on the blog this week. For different reasons. And we got a very nice package. I'll tell you all of this over the next few days.

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13 thoughts on "Sweden Weekend. Swedish metal vs. German techno."

  • I chose a V40 as an everyday car last year. I do not regret that until today. Of course you can argue about design. Whether a car likes it or not, everyone decides for themselves. But what I can say that I have a safe feeling in this car. The materials used and the quality appearance are on a, for this class, very high level. I do not necessarily mean only the interior. There are many details that show me that the red pencil in the development was not quite as obvious as other manufacturers. As an engine, I have a diesel (D3 with 150 PS) selected and I have to say that is quite sufficient. Incidentally, the engine is the very first cream. Not only the harmonious power delivery but also the typical sound of an 5 cylinder. When consumption I lie in everyday life at about 5,5 liters (city, overland and highway).

  • No matter how you twist and turn it, VOLVO remains the only Scandinavian alternative. Of course we also hope NEVS and since we have been hoping for what feels like 100 years, we will hold out this year. But if all hopes fall, what then? A German premium product is hardly an option, there are already what feels like 100 pieces in our company car park ... 🙁

  • Besides Saab, I still drive a company car - Volvo, currently the 4th generation. Unfortunately they are more and more from swedish metal to chinese plastic. You can feel it everywhere and it's a real shame because it doesn't really take much to be an ok car and "the last exit" is slowly disappearing. I like my service Volvo, but it's a “worker”, not a “joy maker”. Another alternative? Um ...

    The last A-Class is imho, visually at least, the generations before not at all.

  • And we all talk about design ...

    I sat in an A class last week.
    Made great on the inside, but when a newly designed car for entering and exiting a man with 175 cm body size forces to feed the head, then that's just ridiculous.
    If Saab had brought this onto the market years ago, the concept would have been torn apart in all German car magazines. But that's just how it is Mercedes and “sporty”.
    You sit in the car and only look at the A-pillar. Well, come back - A-class.
    Sad sad.
    In the same way.

    Never and never would I put a euro on the table.

  • For a long time Volvo was the only alternative for me, but the clear design in recent years has become very fashionable and no longer timelessly elegant. Especially the taillights are partly indescribably ugly. And really interesting niche models, such as the C30, were taken out of the program because the Chinese can not do anything with it and prefer to drive mid-size saloons in XXL format. Sad.

  • Mini tailgate and mini interior - that's what distinguishes the V 40 shown!
    Such a car would not be in the garage with us!

    Why is there actually no media activity in Trollhättan? Tom, what do your Swedish friends say - you can't just postpone everything to the holiday season, can you?

    Perhaps the top people from NEVS should think about whether more suitable personnel for public relations would be required - for SAAB enthusiasts and future customers is the current behavior of the so-called public relations employees
    simply inadequate!

  • It might be Swedish stalh. But I think it's Chinese design ...

  • But from behind, the A-Class looks like a sparsely equipped Opel

  • Where in the A class the much better car.

  • Since you are both right, the Hyundai design is not my case, but continues to get around.
    As LAST EXIT for me only the V60 plug-in hybrid diesel in question. For me, this is currently the most modern and most sustainable car on the market. With that I could drive electrically to work and would have a great travel car at the same time. The range of the big Volvo is as dusty as an 9-5 I, this is all technology from the last millennium, in which I certainly invest no money for new cars.
    MB and A-Class are not an issue!
    Maybe NEVS takes an example on the V60 and puts a comparable SAAB (9-3?) On the wheels, NEVS always wanted to drive ELECTRIC, then go.

  • For sure? So before the A class comes to me a Volvo and of course 10x rather a SAAB in the garage!

  • A Volvo would not get into my garage so fast. Especially with these two models in the text, I like the A-Class much better.

  • Unfortunately, Gothenburg has been looking like Hyundais for some time. Somewhat aged C30, V70 or S80 would definitely be worth considering ...

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